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Bad Boy Romance. Episode 17

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????Bad Boy Romance????

Episode 17

(Pool party)
Payton’s POV

I quickly grabbed a towel and wrapped it around my cold wet body.Brody just stood by the doorway glaring at me and that’s when i groaned loudly..

‘You’re the worst Brody Anderson!! Please leave my room!!’..i cried out throwing my shorts at him and he scoffed…

‘Hey I’m just here to see uhh..well I’m just here to tell you to wash the dishes before mom comes back’..he said and walked out the door.No matter how hard I try to deny it there’s something kinda appealing about Brody even though he’s a total jerk.I guess that’s why girls flock around him like flies…

I changed into a simple dress which had a little tear at the edge but i ignored it.I went to the kitchen and started doing the dishes and that’s when I heard Brody’s phone call…

????:Mom?? You should have told me this earlier..okay..yeah..when are you coming back home??..in two days??..Okay then…stop it mom i can take care of myself…Yeah I love you..Bye..’..He said.

What??.Mrs Anderson is not coming home in two days??..

That means Brody and I are going to be alone in the house all by ourselves and with no adult supervision…

‘Hey are you going to keep standing there like a bozo or you’re going to come here and help me with my homework!!’..He hollered.I jolted from what I was doing and rushed to meet him in the living room…

‘I’m sorry but i can’t help you with your Homework’..i replied biting my lower lip.He glared at me for a while and then withdrew to his wallet and brought out a fat wad of cash…

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Jeez even my mother doesn’t have enough money like this.Her job in a wool factory doesn’t even pay her enough…

‘Here have this,i need you to go to the Walmart to get some things for me’..He said handing the thick wad of cash.I arched my brows and counted the money which amounted to a thousand bucks…

‘Wh..what d..do you?? Where did you get this amount of money from??’..i asked..

‘None of your business political money,I’ll send a list to your phone and then you can keep the change’..he replied harshly and went upstairs.Few minutes after that i got a message.I tapped on it and gasped seeing the long list of pathetic stuff…

1 pack of condoms
2 cartoons of Carlo Rosee whiskey.
7 water guns.
1 medium swim trunk(Male,big size)
30 water balloons..

Judging from this list it means that Brody wants to host a pool party??.He can’t pool party at least not in this place??.I have to study for Mr Rudolf’s pop quiz tomorrow!!!..

‘Uhmmm Brody please I need to talk to you’..I murmured gulping hard as I knocked on his door..

‘Go away Toilet Shredder and yeah I’m having a pool party tonight with everyone invited except you’…He replied.I heaved a short sigh leaving the house since there was nothing else to say to him.Principal Terian put me in charge of the Study Buddy program and if he doesn’t improve it’s also going to affect my scholarship next year.Why am I always the one to suffer for his irresponsibility??.I got to the Walmart store and bought everything on the list including the disgusting pack of condoms.The store keeper threw a dirty look at me as she stuffed the pack of condom inside the polythene bag..

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‘Ohh it isn’t mine’..i spoke up so she wouldn’t get the wrong idea..

‘That’ll be 9 bucks please’..she responded and I paid her.Jeez I can’t believe I’m doing this all because of a stupid pool party.

Brody’s POV

Payton came back from the store with the things I asked for and dropped it on the kitchen counter.I frowned as soon as she walked upstairs and not saying another word to me.I’ve invited everyone in school —Well apart from the nerd squad to my pool party which would take place in my gigantic pool at the back of the house.Even some college students who are my friends are also going to be there.After a minute of cross checking my list i grabbed my phone and called Cooper who was also coming with his troupe of friends…

????:Hey man,the coast is clear so what time are you gonna be here??’…I asked..

????:Uhmmm i think eightish?? And the school board shouldn’t know about this cause my Dad is gonna kill me if he finds out that I’m not going to study with my study buddy’..he replied and i chuckled softly..

He’s always been a terrible liar..

????:Okay man whatever,everything is ready including the condoms for the….you know what i mean’..i said and my face broke into a wryly grin…

????:Yeah so you’re finally going to do it with Susanne??’..He asked…

????:I don’t know but it depends,look I gotta go set up some stuffs I’ll be back’..I replied and hung up.I walked upstairs and knocked on Payton’s door.She opened it and came out wearing a disgusting looking hoodie which looked worn out…

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‘Yuck! Don’t you have any good clothes??’..i asked..


‘Just shut up the party would be starting in two hours so give me your room keys’..I interjected..

‘My room keys?? Why what for??’..she asked and I frowned.Before she could say anything else I grabbed the keys from the keyhole and pushed her into the room,locked her in and smirked doing it…

‘What are you doing?!! Let me out!! Let me out!!’..She screamed.

‘Sorry but i can’t let a puny dirty thing like you at my pool party!!’…