February 6, 2023

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Haunted. Episode 6

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Episode 6

Nessa Myers POV

-At the master’s house-

“Myers! ” Master screamed my name angrily. I ran out of my room to meet with him.

He stood akimbo and shot me an angry look.

“Give me a reason why I shouldn’t punish you.” He said.

“You can punish me, master. I deserve it. ” I said humbly. I already know he will mercilessly deal with me for not submitting a soul to him today.

“Tell me why you were not able to submit a soul today?” He asked.

“Master, I was close but a guy stopped me.” I explained.

“What! A guy stopped you? An ordinary guy or a guy more powerful than I?” He asked.

“He’s just an ordinary school guy, master. Forgive me.”

“Why can’t you hurt him or do something evil for him so he can get out of your way.” The master said.

“Master, the guy seems to be a thorn in my flesh, the other time, he said he knows me and has seen me somewhere before.” I said.

“Fine, when you get to school tomorrow, if he tries to stop you, kill him.” The master said and walked away.

Nathan’s POV

-1AM at night-

I was fast asleep but I got awoken by strange sounds. It was like many snakes were hissing at the same time.

I turned the light of my room on and looked around wondering where the sound was coming from.

“I’m tired of running away from him, help me please.” I heard the voice. It’s the exact voice of the lady that I had seen in the bush.

Those were the same words she uttered the first time I saw her.

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How in the world did she get to know where I live? I was now getting scared.

Nevertheless, I went to open the door to my room and I saw her at the entrance of my room.

She was bruised and tattred. She had the image and figure of Nessa Myers.

Her wig was covering her face so I haven’t really confirmed. I was scared with how bruised and weak she looks.

“Hey! Who is after you?” I asked but she kept her head lowered?

Her long black hair covers her face, her cloth was a tattered black jalamia.

“I may be able to help you but you need to speak to me.” I pleaded and as she tries to raise her head, the light in the room suddenly went off.

A strong wind blew around me and sent me crashing on the wall. The floricent of my room got broken. Many well arranged things in my room started getting disorganized by itself.

I couldn’t stand from where I crashed to until after many hours. By the time I have the strength to stand , it was around 5AM in the morning and she was no longer in sight.

My heart was in constrict with my ribcage. Fear could be felt in my bones and marrow. I’ve read horror books and watched supernatural films ,never in my life have I ever experienced it.

How can I help her when she keeps hurting me? But was she the same Nessa Myers?

At School!

As soon as I stepped down from the car that transported me to school, I saw Nessa Myers from a far distance. She seems to be trailing someone.

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But how come? Is she twins? The horrific lady I saw this night was bruised and doesn’t look like someone that goes to school.

I ran to Myers and on getting to where she was, she screamed before I could even speak. “Stay away from me…Don’t let me hurt you.” She said and continued trailing a lady.

Hurt me? How? She had already hurt me at night, so let her hurt me again.

I ran to her. : “Didn’t you wound me at night already? You crash me to the wall, do your worst again…” I said assuming strongly she was the one I saw at night.

She turned at me angrily and her face turned red, blood dropped as tears from her eye and she murmured some words underneath her breath.

She hit me on my chest but nothing happened.

She did the same again and nothing happened.

I could see fear in her face, she turned away from me and ran away.

Nessa Myers POV

What! My powers never worked on him.

What sort of person is he? If he’s powerful, I’m doomed cause he will never let me able to fulfil the master’s mission.

Do you think the the lady that appeared to Nathan at night is Nessa Myers?