March 22, 2023

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Arrogant Maid. Chapter 19

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Arrogant Maid.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 19

Scott’s POV.

I escorted Bella to the room she would be staying.

“Is this your room?” She asked.

“No, it’s a room you will be staying for the time you will be here.” I told her.

“Why don’t you let me stay in your room?” She asked.

“Common Bella? I do not like that feeling of entitlement. Do I have to remind you that you are my ex. We should treat each other as such. How can you be talking of staying in a room together with me?” I said.

“Oh! You now have a new girlfriend, right?” She asked.

“If that is a question, I have no answer for you.” I said and she angrily barged into her room.

Very troublesome.

Following Day!

Brenda’s POV

I sat with Helen outside, we were both playing with the hair of a teddy.

“Helen, get me some wool inside…it’s on the troulley.” I said and she jumped from my lap that she had sat and went inside.

She came back few minutes later with the wool.

She watched as I plait the hair of the teddy.

Bella walked outside, I noticed her presence but it’s not my concern.

She seems to be watchng us, I hope she doesn’t want another trouble today.

“Scott and I will be going out today, please don’t think of following us…you filthy thing.”She said.

I felt like replying but I controlled myself. I so much loathe it when rich kid bullies me.

I kept doing what I was doing but to my surprise, she came to me.

” Are you deaf?” She asked and I looked up at her. She snatched the teddy from me.

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“The hair you are plaitiing is not even beautiful. ” She said and faced Helen. “Helen baby, can you imagine? This poor lady is not just poor in terms of money but also poor in plaiting hair for an ordinary teddy.” She said while Helen watched her.

“If I plait mine for you , you will like it.” She said.

“I have another teddy inside, come and plait her hair please.” Helen said childishly.

“Good!” Bring it , let me teach this girl the proper way of plaiting hair. ” Bella said and Helen walked inside.

She came back with her blue teddy and gave it to Bella. Bella sat somewhere close and began to plait hair for the teddy.

Few moments later, she was done.

“Come and check which is better, dear?” She asked Helen.

Helen stood and compared hers with mine.

“Anty’s own is more beautiful.” Helen said leaving us confused to think of which of the anty she was referring to.

“You see that! Mine is more beautiful than yours, stop plaiting nonsense next time.” Bella said to me as she stood.

“No, I mean Anty Brenda’s own is more beautiful than yours.” Helen explained to Bella and I scoffed hard at her.