September 25, 2023

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Haunted. Episode 7

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Written by Feathers.

Episode 7

Nessa Myer’s POV

“I’m sorry master but it wasn’t working, I tried to hurt him with my powers but it never worked. ” I pleaded to the master.

Growing up, I was made to beleive the master owns my life. And that I owe him my life.

I was made to beleive that he could kill me at anytime he wishes and I had always been ready for it.

“What sort of a guy is he?” The master said softly to my surprise as he sat.

“For your power not to work on him, he must have some special powers.” The master said while I remained mute.

“What’s his name?” He asked.

“I don’t know yet, master. He’s still a stranger to me.” I said.

“Get to find out what his name is and where he lives. He may be useful.” The master said and walked inside.


Nathan’s POV

At school following Day!

As soon as it was break, I saw Myers walked out of the classroom. She was really beautiful but I’ve just never seen her have a conversation with anyone.

I wonder what type of lady she is. My curiosity about her made me stand from my feet and walked to her place.

She was absent so I opened her bag and found some books, one of which is one that looked like diary.

I turned to see if she was not yet coming and when I noticed she wasn’t in sight, I brought out the dairy and left her bag the way it was.

I went to my place and kept the diary in my bag. This diary should really help me to find out many things about her.

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Nessa Myer’s POV

After coming back from where I went to cast my afternoon spell, I walked to the strange boy’s place.

He must be surprised to see me.

“Hey! ” I waved my hand. I tried to fake a smile but I was not trained to smile.

I do not think I have ever smile in my entire life. I have never even seen any reason to smile.

My face was rigid and smile wasn’t forming.

“Wow! I’m amazed you came to meet me yourself today. I’m Nathan and you?” He asked.

“There is no need for formality, Nathan. You know my name already.” I said and he nodded with a smile.

His smile is so alluring, his looks are so glamorous, the curves of his eye lashes were beautifully shaped.

I couldn’t stop drolling on his beauty. But I had been taught never to find men attractive, that they are only thorns in women’s flesh. I believed it.

Though I had never seen anyone as beautiful as Nathan, I still didn’t let it get to me.

“So…you want to tell me something?” He said in a questioning tone.

“How about I follow you to your house.” I said.

“My house?” He chuckled. “Were you not the one that came destroying my room last night?” He asked.

“I do not know what you are talking about.” I said.

“Common! Don’t pretend. Are you not the one that yearned for my help at the bush?” He asked.

“You must be mistaken? Excuse me.” I turned from him to walk to my seat and he called me back.

“Okay…fine. I’ll let you follow me to my house.” He said and I just watched him.

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I walked away to my sit.


Nathan and I alighted from the car that drove us to his house. His house looked so beautiful.

“Are you the only one that lives here?” I asked.

“Yes, mom and dad don’t stay here.” He replied. I wanted to ask more questions but that’s not my mission.

My mission is to simply know where he lives.

“Okay, I think I need to start going.” I said.

“Not so fast, take a look at few stuffs in my house.” He said.

“No, I need to start going.” I insisted

“No.” He replied firmly and smiled. “Common! Just few seconds , let me show you my room.”

I sighed.

This house is big with many rooms, knowing the exact room he sleeps will make work easier for master.

“Okay.” I agreed and followed him.

He took me to a very large room and locked the door behind us. They door wasn’t an ordinary one, it was designed with codes.

“Do you have to lock the door?” I asked but he snubbed as he went to the bed to sit.

“Now that I’ve known your room, I need to leave.” I said.

“Not so soon, I fear that I wouldn’t let you go anywhere until you confess who you really are to me.” He said and I checked my wrist watch.

If I didn’t get to the master’s house in fifteen minutes, I’m doomed.

“Please let me go.” I pleaded.

“I’m sorry, I can’t.” He said as he walked out and locked me up.