November 28, 2023

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Bad Boy Romance. Episode 21

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????Bad Boy Romance????

Episode 21

(I’m tired!!!)
Brody’s POV cont’d

I glanced over to Payton who was scribbling endlessly on her paper and also helping Serani with hers..

‘Psst psst’..Cooper whispered from behind me..

‘What??’..i whispered back…

‘She’s your maid right?? Ask her for answers’…he replied and i frowned..

‘Are you outta mind?! I can’t ask her for answers?! She’s my maid at home but when we’re here she’s just a normal student like you and me and it’ll hurt my pride to ask her to help me’..I said and before he could say anything else someone threw a paper at me.I turned around to check who it was from and saw Payton smirk.I opened opened the paper and Alas! It was the answers to every question on my paper…

Payton solved this for me??..

What is she trying to do?? Be friends with me??…

Payton’s POV

I smiled as i saw the bemused expression on Brody’s face.I guess i didn’t want him to be on Mr Rudolf’s bad book that’s why i helped him…

‘Why on earth would you help that Jerk face??’..Serani whispered from behind me..

‘I don’t know maybe because i didn’t want to see him and Cooper fail??’..i replied not sure about myself also..

‘Are you freaking kidding me Payton,that Cooper guy literally dunked your shirt in punch and you’re helping him and Brody who doesn’t give a hoot about you?? Jeez you really have a great heart Payton and that’s why i like you’…She said and i smiled.It’s pretty nice to have someone who appreciates me for once in my life…

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‘Thanks Serani,you’re a nice person too’..i muttered and she made an irky face that made me laugh…

Brody’s POV

At Home
‘Your dinner is ready’..Payton murmured as i played SONIC FORCES on my XBOX.I stared at her brown hair which curled at the tip and then noticed her green eyes…

‘What on earth did you prepare?!’..i asked harshly as i followed her to the kitchen and when I saw what was on the table i gasped.There was Lasagna,Cheese rolls and Enchaladas.It was better than everything I’ve ever seen in my life which the former chef had prepared…

‘Jeez where did you learn how to cook??’..I asked as i sat on the chair..

‘Well my mom was a cook for GRENG CORP,she wanted to own a restaurant but since my Dad died she couldn’t so i learned from…

‘I don’t want to hear the details anymore just shut up and eat!!’..i cut in and that’s when she snapped..

‘You know what?! I’m sick and tired of your attitude towards me!! For heavens sake nothing i do ever pleases you!! I wanted to call a truce but you refused and rather insulted me!! I let you run a pool party even when your mom advised me not to but what did you do in return?! You and your dumb friend poured water on me and i was tagged as the ‘Nipple pooper’!!! And oh did you forget the toilet incident?! Well i guess you did!! You’re a very spiteful person Brody Anderson and I hate you so much with every blood in my body!! To even think you’d actually appreciate me after helping you today but no you and that stupid Cooper rather threw stones at Serani and I…I’m tired of your stupid attitude Brody and you know what?!! I quit!! I’m tired of the insults,the embarrassments and the names so i quit!! I’m packing my bags and I don’t care what your mom has to say anymore!!!’..She screamed and pushed me out of the way .

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What the hell just happened?!!