December 2, 2023

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Haunted. Episode 8

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Episode 8

Master Dada’s POV

I was now perplexed, it’s being many hours that I had been waiting and hoping that Myers return from school but she hasn’t.

I took a leaflet and wrote there ; ‘In case we miss, call me’.

I dropped the sheet on the table and walked to where my car is. I drove back to her school while watching left and right to see if I could see her.

On getting to her school, I could not find anyone around. Seems everyone has gone home.

I was getting so restless and angry at the same time. Where in the world could she have gone to?


Nathan’s POV

I drove back to the bush, I need to see if I will find the the same lady that has always appeared to me.

Since I’m not sure if it is Nessa Myers yet, she can’t be inside the room and at the same time be at that bush.

On getting to the bush, I walked straight inside the bush. I was headed straight to the house I found there the last time I came but to my surprise, I could not find the house there again.

I was confused. But I’m sure it’s this very spot. I started searching deeper in the bush to see if I’m the one mistaken about where the house is located.

I got tired and sat beside a tree. Is the bruised lady the same Nessa Myers?

Or do they just look alike?

“You once told me to help you, where are you?” I screamed with my two hands guarding the sound of the voice so it can produce echo in that empty silent forest.

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“Please show yourself if you are here.” I shouted again and I could see a movement around some leaves.

A man came into view, there was nothing scary about him.

“How dare you come here?” The man asked as he approached me.

“And…tell me why I can’t come here. Is it forbidden?” I asked as I stood boldly.

The man grinned. “I like your courage, for your information, this place is forbidden for people like you.” The man said and starred into my face. “You seem to be looking for someone? ”

“Yes…she’s a lady. The last time I saw her, she asked for my help. Since then, I can’t find her again.” I said.

“Oh! Tell me how she looks like.” The man asked and I described how she looked alike.

The man adjusted back and clapped. Giants men with swords in their hands started to come in view from different part of the forest.

I was now scared.

“Do you want to kill me?” I asked.

“The lady you just described is my daughter, I’ve been looking for her for many years. I was told that that a very powerful man kept her with him and buried her soul here in the forest.” He said.

I was confused.
Do people bury soul?

How can someone be living and yet have their soul buried?

What the man was saying wasn’t making any sense to me.

“But…I was only searching for her too, I never know where she is.” I said.

The man looked at me and fell to his knees.

“They took my daughter for me when she’s just 10 years, it’s being 7 years that she had been taken away yet I had never seen her.” The man said as he cried.

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“What’s her name?” I asked.

The man looked up. “I do not trust you yet to tell you her name. But if you help me find her, contact me.” The man said and start to walk away with his fierce looking men.

“And how will I get to contact you?” I asked but he never looked back.

He finally faded out of sight.

His daughter got kidnapped seven years ago yet her soul is buried here.

I’m confused.