March 22, 2023

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Bad Boy Romance. Episode 23

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????Bad Boy Romance????

Episode 23

(Your skirt is stained)
Brody’s POV

I stared endlessly at the ceiling since i couldn’t sleep.I groaned loudly and grabbed my phone to see if I got any messages and when i didn’t see any I threw my phone across the room…

Stupid Payton why did she really have to leave??.Why was she so pissed off at what i said..

‘Hey you should be asleep’..Mom murmured in a yawn as she walked in on me trying to pick a movie..

‘Can’t’..i replied not even bothering to look at her..

‘Ohh really?? Is it because Payton’s gone??’..She asked and i flinched..

‘That snotty?!! Hell no mom I don’t even notice her presence here and even if i did it still wouldn’t mean anything,i guess my Insomnia is kicking in again’..I said..

‘Hmm okay so i guess I would be leaving now since you don’t need me here anymore’..she said..

‘Yeah’..I murmured and she left.I glanced at the clock and sweet that it was 3am in the morning,went down to the kitchen,grabbed a bowl of ice cream and dug in while watching the new episode of WITCHES..

The Next Morning⛅
‘Jeez man you look like shit’…Cooper blurted out loudly as I shut the door of my locker..

‘Yeah i guess i couldn’t sleep last night so i watched witches until 6am this morning and here I am feeling like shit!!’..i replied…

‘Is it because Payton left??’..He asked and I banged my hands on the door angrily..

‘What’s it with everyone and Payton?? I have insomnia so take it that way!!!’…I lashed out at him and walked away as soon as i saw Payton and Serani walked inside.She looked like she was sick cause her face seemed so pale..

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Payton’s POV..

I held my breath trying to take in my period pains and not make it look obvious.I forced myself to walk up to my locker and tried keeping a smile on my face so she wouldn’t notice…

‘Hmmm period pains huh??’..Serani muttered from behind me and i nodded…

‘How did you know??’..I asked..

‘Come on Payton,no matter how hard you try to hide it it’s pretty obvious,you’re damn pale and you look like you’re going to puke very soon’..She replied and i sighed..

‘Well it’s no use trying to put on a smiling face then and by the way I’m back at my house,I’m no longer working for the Anderson’s’..I said slamming my locker after grabbing my Geometry textbook…

‘Whoa really?? Why??’..She asked..

‘Well I’m done acting like the poor girl who’s helpless,i don’t want anything to do with Brody and i won’t let him bully me anymore’..I responded..

‘Ohh hallelujah!!! You’re finally back to your senses well let’s get to class before Mr Rudolf gives us detention’…

We walked into the class which was rowdy as usual and when Cooper made a stupid statement about me which made everyone laugh i just smiled and sat on my chair.He made another comment about how stupid my shoes looked and i kept smiling and told him a thank you.Everyone literally bursted into laughter cause what i did made him look stupid and he grumbled folding his arms…

‘Payton could you please come and tell the whole class what you think about Citizenship’..Mr Jefferson asked and i stood up with a little sense of pride and walked towards the board.Everyone bursted into laughter as i turned around apart from Brody..

What’s wrong??..

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Do i stink or??..

‘Uhhh Payton there’s a stain on your skirt’..Mr Jefferson whispered into my ears…

Lo and behold i turned around terrifyingly only to see a bright red stain on my pink skirt..

This can’t be happening…