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Bad Boy Romance. Episode 26

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????Bad Boy Romance????

Episode 26

(The new guy)
Payton’s POV

Brody walked out on me after yelling and I just stood there transfixed on the spot about the whole situation.I shrugged and walked into the class nervously thinking everyone would laugh at me but no they just kept quiet and minded their business.Serani smiled at me and I smiled back thanking her silently for standing up for me.Even Cooper was quiet…

I sat down with a smile on my face and brought out my Geometry text book to read and that’s when something interesting happened..

‘Good afternoon guys!!’..Mrs Humphrey said aloud as she walked into the class with a very talk and lanky handsome dude who had green eyes and a very taut lip..

‘Good afternoon Mrs Humphrey’..Everyone replied and i noticed how some of the other girls smiled exposing their set of teeth all because of him..

‘Hmmm well this is Trevor,He’s an exchange student from Scotland and he would be schooling with us for the year so welcome him’..Mrs Humphrey said…

‘Welcome Trevor’..Everyone murmured in unison and she left.Almost all girls crowded him ushering him to their seats including Nicole who I’m pretty sure would get him since she was the most popular girl in school…

‘Come seat with me there’s enough space for the both of us!!’..She said dragging Trevor to her seat but he didn’t budge…

‘Don’t worry I’d rather sit with her’..he replied pointing at me.Everyone turned to stare at me and went to their seats,my heart beat so fast as he walked over and my hands shook..

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‘Hey can I sit here with you??’..He asked..

‘I..I..yeah..yeah you can sit..yeah you can’..i stuttered a reply and he smiled revealing his left dimple..

Jeez He’s so cute..

‘Ohhh I’m Trevor by the way,Trevor Benson’..he muttered extending a hand at me and i shook it…

‘Payton,Payton Carlson’..

Brody’s POV

Like who the f*ck is this new guy?!!..

And who does he think he is coming to my school and taking all the girls attention?!!..

I watched in envy as he talked endlessly with Payton who seemed to be pretty much engrossed and also drooling too.Dumb ass political money!! That’s all she does!! Act like the bullied one and now she’s already boo’ed with him.Bitch!!..

‘This guy kinda looks like Brody’..Cooper muttered from behind me and i shot a dirty look at him..

‘The new guy would never and he can never look like me,I’ve got dreamy blue eyes and what has he got??Green eyes that looks like Jennifer Lopez’s Met gala dress!!’..I said and just then the bell rung..

Everyone left the class and followed the new guy to the cafeteria.I frowned as they ignored me and flocked around his table wanting to have a conversation.They usually flock around me but now they aren’t even paying attention…

‘Hey babe’..i winked at Vanessa,a girl from class 16 and she giggled walking over..

Hmm well at least they still drool over me..

Payton’s POV

‘He’s so cute Payton i wonder what he smells like’..Serani blurted out loud with her hands on her chin admiring Trevor..

‘Chill Serani He’s just a person’..i replied with a grin on my face.I mean i don’t get why they’re so freaked out about the new guy when there’s Brody Ander…

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I don’t know why they’re so freaked out anyway.He’s cute no denial about that cause I was also drooling over him but after speaking to him the one minute crush just faded..

‘Easy for you to say I mean he clearly just ignored Nicole!!! He ignored Nicole just to sit with you!! Biish you’re so lucky!!’..She squealed playfully slapping my shoulders and i laughed out heartily…

‘You’re so funny Serani there’s nothing so special about him?? He’s just a normal person like you and I,i just don’t understand why girls go crazy because of the new guy’…I said and then noticed the dazed look on her face..

‘Uhhh Payton He’s behind you right now’..