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Bad Boy Romance. Episode 27

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????Bad Boy Romance????

Episode 27A

(The new guy II)
Payton’s POV cont’d..




Me and my big mouth why couldn’t I just shut up??..

‘ Uhh I just wanted to sit with you’..Trevor said and I gulped hard not knowing what else to say..

‘Y..Yeah..yeah you can and pardon my earlier outburst’..I replied moving to the side so he could sit down..

‘Nah no worries that’s why I want to sit with you cause you’re the only girl that isn’t going coo-koo over me’..He muttered dropping his lunch on the table and I grinned at him.I eyed Serani who was drooling already and winked at her so she wouldn’t do anything stupid.Brody walked past the both of us and murmured something like ‘Nipple pooper’ and his group of friends laughed heartily…

‘Is it me or does that guy hate you??’..Trevor said..

‘Jeez is it that obvious?! You’re just here for an hour and you already know what’s going on’..I exclaimed patting on his shoulders playfully and he smiled..

‘Yeah I’m a great observer so why does he hate you?? Is he your ex or something??’..he asked and I let out a snicker..

‘Hell no Brody Anderson can never date someone like me talk less of liking me!! He’s rich and he’s a player he’s more like a bad boy and I’m more like a poor nerd,well I worked for his mom as a maid and since I left cause I couldn’t bear his attitude towards me he hates me’..I explained as I ate my lettuce sandwich and he smiled.It’s so funny how I find it comfortable to speak with someone I barely even know..

‘Well his loss cause you look like a super cool girl to me and why would he hate you?? You’re prettier more than most girls here’..He corrected and i smiled..

‘Told ya’..Serani chipped in…

Brody’s POV

‘Look at them! Bunch of loosers’..i muttered angrily eating my salad with a can of soda…

‘Hmmm someone’s in a bad mood’..Cooper murmured and i shot him a dirty look..

‘Of course I’m in a bad mood can’t you see?? You almost made me get expelled you idiot and I haven’t had a good sleep so why wouldn’t i be in a bad mood!!!’..i lashed out at him and stood up to leave but he stopped me..

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‘You just gotta chill dude and why are so mad anyway it’s not like i said anything wrong or something?? Or is it because of the new guy??’..He said and i slapped his hands sitting down back..

‘The new guy?? Haa!! He doesn’t even stand a chance when I’m involved,the girls in this school are all mine and if he thinks he can have them then He’s got a problem with me,i won’t let anyone come to this school and push me over’..I retorted..

Cooper just shrugged and i glanced over at Payton’s table only to see her laughing with the new guy like they’re even dating.Yuck!! They looked so happy in each other’s company and somehow it made me feel so anxious…

Why am i this way??..

I don’t even understand…

I mean He’s just the new guy and nothing else it’s not like he’s going to take over my position in this school??..

Jeez i hate him already…

Two Hours Later
School was over as soon as the bell rung.I quickly grabbed my books to avoid bickering from Principal Terian and headed out only to see mom’s car in the parking lot..

‘Mom?? What are you doing here??’..I asked with a frown on my face and she grinned..

‘Well there’s a surprise for you’..She replied and before i could say anything the new guy Trevor walked towards the both of us…

‘Excuse me are you Mrs Anderson??’..He asked and mom nodded..

‘Huh?? What is going on and mom why are you talking to this guy??’..I asked also throwing him a spiteful look and she chuckled..

‘Ohhh Brody you’re so silly,Trevor is our house guest,he’ll be staying with the both of us for the rest of the scho…

‘What?!!’..I interjected by yelling at the top of my voice..

This can’t be happening

????Bad Boy Romance????

Episode 27

(Come back to work)
Brody’s POV cont’d

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‘Uhh mom can I speak with you??’..I said trying to hide the annoyance in my voice from Trevor…

‘But honey I’m trying to—

‘Mom can i speak with you somewhere else away from him??!!’..I indignantly said and she sighed.She came out of the car and i dragged her towards a little corner far from where Trevor was so I could give her an earful…

‘What the hell are you thinking?!! How can you agree to host a stranger in our house!! Are you out of your mind?!!’..I screamed softly..

‘What is wrong with Trevor?? He’s a really nice boy from what the school says and no one accepted him and since the house is so big for the both of us i decided to take him in’..She replied.I clenched my fists and paced back and forth while she just stood there wondering what i was going to say next…

I mean I can’t even believe this!!!..

I can’t believe she’s going to host my worst enemy in my house!!..

‘Look mom i don’t know what you’re going to do it or how you’re going to do it but Trevor can’t stay with us you’ve got to tell the school that you can’t have him’..I said finally after a moment of silence and she threw me a skeptical look…

‘Behave yourself young man and let’s go home’..she said and walked towards the car not giving me room for argument.I grumbled for a while and when I noticed that she wasn’t going to heed to my wish anymore I entered the car..

It’s just like she’s changed!!!..

What happened to the Mrs Anderson who heeds to her son’s every wish??..

Trevor’s POV

There’s just something about this Brody guy and from the looks of it he seems like a spoilt brat and he thinks I’m going to be somewhat of a competition for him but honestly I’m not even interested.The only reason I’m here is to enjoy the comfort America has to offer and the only girls I like in school is Payton and Serani…

‘Look man i don’t want to cause any trouble’..i muttered as his mother drove us both to his house..

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‘Don’t care dude,I don’t care’..he retorted and i sighed as the urge to make a conversation with him increased..

I just don’t want any bad blood especially when I’m going to be staying in his house..

‘So uhmm do you like sports??’..i asked..

‘Hmm’..he murmured in reply not even looking at me since his mind was on his phone.I panted heavily and looked out the window enjoying the wind raking across my hair…

It’s gonna be a long long year..

Payton’s POV

‘Mom I’m back!!’..I yelled as I walked inside the apartment but got no reply..

‘Mom?!’..I yelled again and went into her apartment only to see mom on the floor unconscious.I quickly flung my bag and crouched to her level..

‘Mom??! Mom?! Mom please wake up!! Mom please stop this if it’s a joke please wake up!! Mom?!! Mom please don’t do this to me?!’..I cried out as i tapped her cheeks but still she didn’t budge..

‘Oh my God help!! Someone please help!!!’..I yelled but no one came…

‘Mom please just wake up!’..I begged and held her palm only to see that it was cold .

Oh God!!..

I ran with all my strength to the Boom club which Mrs Anderson owned and before I could reach her office Brody stopped me..

‘Hey what are you doing here and where do you think you’re going??’…He asked blocking my every move to get to his mom.I saw Trevor from a distance but didn’t bother saying hi cause all I wanted was to speak to his mom..

‘Please move away you bastard I’ve got to speak to your mom i need her help!!!’..I screamed in tears trying to push him away but he didn’t budge…

‘This ain’t a charity organization lady,it’s a strip club okay??’..He retorted..

‘Look Brody you don’t understand,my mom needs help and your mother is the only one who can help me please let me in!!’..I begged in tears and he smiled…

‘Come back to work as my maid and we’ll see about your mom’..