December 4, 2022

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Haunted. Episode 9

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Episode 9

Nathan’s POV

I arrived back home and walked inside. I went straight to the room that I had locked Myers.

I opened it and walked in. I saw her sitted on the floor in a squatting position.

“If my dad finds out about this ,you are dead.” She threatened.

She didn’t try to stand from where she is, she remained calm instead.

“Your dad!” I repeated. “Where is he? ” I asked but she snubbed.

“Well…can you tell me your age?” I asked.

“For what? Better let me go now.” She said.

“Please, I’ll sure let you go if you answer this few questions.” I said.

“Tell me your age, please?” I asked.

She hesitated before speaking up. “17 ”

“17!” I repeated in shock. It was the same age as that of the man that lost his daughter seven years ago.

“When last did you see your father?” I asked.

“I saw my father before coming to school today.” She replied.

“Your real father!” I said.

“I don’t know what you are talking about. Let me go!” She said and stood angrily, she barged to the door and opened it.

I didn’t try to force her to stay, I simply watched her leave.

Nessa Myers POV

Why would he kidnap me? For what? He locked me up for hours and came back to start asking me stupid questions.

I must tell master about this. He must be so worried.

On getting home, I saw my master sitting on a stool beside his car at the compound of the house.

“Master! Good evening! I’m so sorry for coming late.” I said and he shot me a nasty look instead.

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“Where did you go?” He asked.

“A guy kidnapped me and…”

“And you can not use your power?” He interrupted loudly.

“It’s not working on him, master!” I let out.

“What! Do you know his house?” he asked.

“Yes, master.”

“I guess it is that same guy always interrupting you from accomplishing my missions.”

“Yes master.”

“Fine, let’s leave.” He said and we drove out to Nathan’s place.

Nathan’s POV

I sat in that same room thinking about the lady that cried to me at the bush.

I can’t seem to place it. Is it possible that it was Myers soul that I saw and is that possible

How is it possible for a soul and body to be living differently?

Plus her father said the man that kidnapped her buried her soul in that bush.

I did not understand the whole thing but I’m curious to get to the root of all these.

I heard a break of my door surprisingly, I stood in awe and went to check.

To my surprise, I saw a man with Myers.