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Bad Boy Romance. Episode 33 and 34

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????Bad Boy Romance????

Episode 33

(Secret admirer)
Payton’s POV

The Next Morning⛅
‘So you’re saying that Trevor’s living in Brody’s House and you’re back as their maid??’..Serani asked in amazement as i shut the door of my locker..

‘Yeah’..i replied..

‘What the…you have two hunks living with you?!.you’re so damn lucky girl’..She cheered on and i chuckled softly..

‘Ohhh it’s not as you think Serani they basically hate each other or should i say Brody hates him’..

‘Yeah they’re the most handsome guys in school but Brody is still more handsome than Trevor anyway’..she replied..

‘Ohhh really i thought you were all loco for Trevor last week so w…’ voice trailed off as soon as i saw an envelope in the middle of my text book…

‘Huh?? What’s this??’..

I opened the letter and glitter fell to my shoes…

‘Whoa it seems like a love letter’..Serani muttered and i read;


Hi Payton or should I say my Angel??..
I’ve noticed the way you smile and i must say it’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen in my life.
Your Secret Admirer.



Secret Admirer??..

‘Whoa you have a secret admirer??’..Serani said my thoughts aloud..

‘I’m also shocked as you and his name is JK?? Who could he be??’..i replied smiling.It seems kinda nice to know that there’s someone who appreciates my beauty…

‘Duhh?? That’s why he’s a secret admirer?? You can’t know who he is but let’s find out’..She said..

‘Hmmm i don’t want to i just…’..My voice trailed off again as a toy car rolled over to my shoe.I bent down and there was another letter..

‘Damn i like your secret admirer already!!’..Serani muttered and just to add to my problems Trevor came over and jacked the letter from my hands..

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‘Hey what gives?!!’..i yelled trying to reach for the paper but he raised his hands higher.I groaned loudly since I couldn’t reach for it because of his heavy build..

‘Stop it Trevor it’s not funny!!!’..I cried out and the next thing i knew he carried me up in his arms and I laughed heartily…

Brody’s POV

‘Yikes seems like Political money and new hunk are a thing now’..Cooper muttered and i glanced the other way only to see Payton in Trevor’s arms trying to reach for something in his hands and groaned…

‘They stay with you right? So are they dating?’..Cooper added..

‘I don’t know man and i don’t care’..i replied and walked towards my locker ignoring the two supposed love birds..

‘Ohhh Payton’s got a secret admirer!!!’..Serani teased and my ears shot…

She’s got a secret admirer..

‘Serani don’t say it so loud and Trevor please give me the letter back stop this!!’..Payton whispered but i clearly heard since I was three lockers away from hers.I frowned as Trevor gave her back the letter and left with Serani who seemed to be flirting effortlessly with him.Payton opened the letter and to my own surprise not that it concerns me glitter fell from her shoes and she gasped reading the letter..

‘Serani wait up!!!’..She yelled and ran after her newly found friend unconsciously leaving the letter on the ground.I glanced left and right to make sure no one else was watching and quickly picked up the ruffled paper.I read the contents of the letter quickly and winced…

First Trevor now this secret admirer??..

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And his name is JK??..

Who the hell is he??..


????Bad Boy Romance????

Episode 34

(Finding JK)
Payton’s POV

‘Okay his initials are JK right??’..
Serani asked..

‘Hmmm’…i murmured in reply not bothering to look up from the book i was reading.She chattered endlessly but my mind was so faraway since i was trying to read for the pop quiz in the next hour.Mrs Coco the librarian came towards us with a warning..

‘Hey keep it low with this secret admirer thing would you??’..i whispered and she chuckled..

‘Sorry but it’s funny,we should tag this era of your life finding JK’..

‘Haha stop it Serani,come on it’s pop quiz time’…

Brody’s POV

‘Uhmm Lisa I need your help with something’..i said to the nerdy beady eyed dwarf who is the Principal’s assistant for the week..

‘Ohh B…’re talking to me??’’s so funny cause you never talk to me’..She chattered endlessly and I arched a brow…

‘Yeah yeah I need your help with a simple thing,you’ve got the record of everyone in this school right??’..I asked..

‘Y..yeah why..why do you ask??’..she stuttered in reply .

‘I need it for something really urgent’..I said releasing a smirk which makes the ladies go crazy..

‘Well Principal Terian would freak out if I…

‘Well how would you feel if I take you out to dinner’..i cut in in a provocative drawl and nipped her bottom lip..

‘W..well..well okay..okay here you go Oh my God you just nipped me!!! Here take everything and just so you know i would do anything for you Brody Anderson!!!’..She squealed dropping a file in my hands and ran away.I leaned on the locker pretty sure she was about to go tell her friends about what happened and in 5….4….3….2….1…

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‘Ahhhhhh!!!!’..They all screamed inside the silence and I smiled deeply walking away…

Now it’s time to find this JK guy with the help of Cooper…

Cooper has always been good when it comes to sorting out stuffs.From marbles to pills and he’s a sucker for names and numbers…

An Hour Later
‘Okay so the initials are JK and from the list you gave me there are twenty nine guys in this school with their first names as J and surnames as K’..Cooper said as he handed me a list…

I stared down at the paper and began seeing names like;

James Klein
Jared Korton
Jamie Kennedy
Jonas Ken
Jeremiah Konnor and blah blah blah..

‘Thanks Cooper I really need this’..i said and stuffed the paper inside my math textbook…

‘What do you need the list for anyway and who is this JK you’re looking for??’..He asked with a quizzical look on his face..

‘Ohhh that?? Well uhmm someone painted my locker with the initials JK and I’m going to find out who the bastard is —That’s why i need it’..I lied blatantly and he shrugged walking away..

To be honest I do not even know why I’m doing this but somehow or someway I’ve got to find this JK guy and know the reason why he’s Payton’s secret admirer.Not that I’m interested in her business or anything but I’ve got to know to give myself the benefit of a doubt..

Who does he think he is anyway??..

He doesn’t have the right to be her secret admirer??!!..