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Bad Boy Romance. Episode 35 and 36

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????Bad Boy Romance????

Episode 35

(You like her)
Payton’s POV

I watched keenly as Brody talked with the girls crowded around him while seated on his bike and when our eyes met I quickly looked the other way immediately.Trevor was busy talking with Serani and from the looks of it they seemed to be getting all boo’ed up.Mrs Anderson wasn’t back so it’s either I ride with Trevor or with Brody whom I know would never give me a ride…

‘Hey are you two gonna keep talking or just ask yourselves on a date already!!!’..I yelled at Sarani and Trevor who in return blushed..

‘Okay well you wanna hang out right now??’..Trevor asked and before I could tell him to make the date tomorrow so he could take me home Serani nodded and they both hopped on the bike driving away…


Just great..

There goes my ride back home and I don’t even have a dime on me to ride the bus…

I sighed deeply praying for a miracle to happen so the girls talking to Brody would leave so I could muster enough courage to ask him for a ride home so they won’t laugh at me.He kept laughing with them and if I’m sure blew a kiss to everyone of them and they left.He glanced over to where i was seated and drove off before i could even say a thing.

A minute passed and I wiped the little tear off my left eye and that’s when I heard a rumbling sound.When I looked up it was him…

‘Are you gonna keep standing there like an idiot or hop on’..He gestured extending an helmet over to me…

‘Ohhh well..t..thanks’..I stuttered and placed the helmet on my head.I hopped on his bike and he moved so speedy that I almost fell…

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‘Hold on,you won’t die if you hold onto me’..He muttered under his breath.I hesitated for a while and then circled my hands around his waist..

‘So i heard about someone named JK’..He added as he made a detour..


Is he really asking me about my secret admirer?!..

‘W..well I don’t know who that is’..I lied in response and he snorted..

Get a hold of yourself Payton Carlson..

This guy is a f**king player..

Brody’s POV

I wonder why she’s lying about her secret admirer and I’m wondering why I’m so bothered about it..

I mean I even approached sleezy Jeremiah who’s clearly gay because of this so called JK issue…

Finally Payton and I got home and before I could even park my bike in the garage she came down,dropped my helmet and ran inside the house.

Typical Shy-pay..

‘You look dazed young master’..Gabriel,the gardener said as he walked past me..

‘Dazed?? What do you mean by that??’..I asked with a frown on my face and he smiled..

‘You like her’..he said referring to Payton..

‘No I don’t’..I quickly argued..

‘Yes you do’..

‘No i don’t’..

‘You do like her young master’..

‘No Gabriel I do not like her!!’..

‘Yes you do like her!’..He countered and I groaned loudly…

‘Okay old man I think you should mind your f**king business,those petulas are withering!!’..I yelled and he shook his head…

‘The first stage is denial’..he replied and I arched my brows..

Some workers clearly do not know their place..

‘What do you mean by stage and denial??’..I questioned further curious enough to know where he was going with his point…

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‘Well stages of love,first —Denial,second —Full acceptance and when you still don’t want it then you land on the third —Regret,you better tell her how you feel young master,tell her you like her’..he said and I scoffed loudly walking away…

There’s no way I would ever like Payton…

She’s not my type..


????Bad Boy Romance????

Episode 36

(Jake Kelson??)
Payton’s POV

It was already midnight and the whole house was quiet.Trevor was busy sleeping after an endless talk about how an amazing person Serani.It’s no doubt they’re gonna be TRESER soon.I couldn’t sleep all because I slept throughout the whole afternoon.I went downstairs to warm a glass of milk which according to some people makes one sleep after drinking and when I turned on the lights I yelped seeing Brody in the kitchen with a bowl of ice cream and with his phone in his hands…

‘So..sorry i..I didn’t know you were here’..I stuttered but he didn’t reply and kept on doing what ever he was.I gulped hard and went towards the fridge for the gallon of milk,poured it in a pot and began boiling..

‘Uhhhh what on earth are you doing??’..He asked with a frown on his face..

‘Warming milk…helps me sleep’..I replied in the same ice chilly tone with his..

‘Ohhh really?? Well give it to me’..he muttered not even bothering to look my way and passed a cup over to me.I furrowed my brows and did as I was told,poured the milk inside his cup and passed it back to him.He downed the whole content in one gulp and in an instant yawned…

‘You’re right,i feel drowsy already.Lock the doors and turn off the lights’..he said and yawned again walking away and that’s when I noticed that he wasn’t having a shirt on.His broad shoulders and the tattoo on his back made me remember the night of the light out saga…

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He was a different Brody then..

He’s always been a complex person..

One minute he’s nice and the next he’s a jerk all over again..

One minute he’s alone and the next he’s a play boy again..

I would never understand Brody Anderson..


Brody’s POV

The Next Morning
‘So James can we share each other’s secret??’..I whispered to the average height blondie who was dangling from my hands with his hands trying to free himself..

‘Look Brody I don’t know anything about Payton,I’ve never even talked to her!! I don’t even like her dude so I’m not her secret admirer!!’..He cried out and I dropped him to the ground.He coughed out loudly and held his neck trying to grab enough air which i shortened…

‘Look there’s only one think I know about this JK guy of yours and you claimed he always puts glitter in her letters right??’…

‘Yeah he does,how does that help??’..i asked with a frown on my face…

‘Well there’s one person who always keeps a stash of glitter in his locker and it’s Jake Kelson,he’s a very mysterious guy and every time i wonder what he does with the large amount of glitter in his locker so Jake Kelson may be your secret admirer guy’..he said and ran away before I could ask any further questions…

Jake Kelson??..

How come I’ve never seen or heard of him before??..