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Bad Boy Romance. Episode 37 and 38

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????Bad Boy Romance????

Episode 37

Payton’s POV

‘So let’s think more about this,it’s either James or Jeremiah that’s your secret admirer’..Serani said as she sat next to me..

‘Uggg Serani I’ve said this times without number I don’t care about my secret admirer!!’..I groaned loudly in reply..

‘But Brody does’..she muttered rolling her eyes and the moment I heard her statement i dropped my pen..

‘What do you mean by Brody cares about my secret admirer??’..I asked and she let out a little whistle…

‘It’s nothing’…

‘Speak Serani!!!’..I adamantly said and she heaved a short sigh..

‘Well there’s a rumor going on around school that Brody is looking for your JK guy so he goes around threatening the guys with J starting their names and K starting their surnames..I..I..wasn’t sure if it was true well not until Jeremiah run past me earlier today’..She said and instantly I dropped the gum I was chewing from my mouth…

‘Thanks Serani but I’m just sure it’s a rumor or mere coincidence’…I murmured and stood up leaving the classroom.I dropped my books back into my locker and just my luck JAKE KELSON ran past me with tears in his eyes.I shrugged my shoulders and in a jiffy Brody walked past me…


Why do I feel like Brody has something to do with Jake Kelson??..

Wait Jake Kelson!!..


‘Hey wait up!!’..i yelled running after Brody..

‘What do you want??’..He asked harshly and I blinked..

‘W..well I heard you were on the hunt for my secret admirer and uhmm’..My voice trailed off as he raised his hands to shut me up..

‘Now listen Toilet Shredder I never and will never care about your business okay?? The last thing I’d do is be bothered about your business and about your secret admirer well I guess he’s stupid enough cause you’re the last person anyone would dream to date or like!!!’..He yelled.Tears welled up in my eyes but i held it in so as not to berate me more..

I think I’ve had enough!!!..

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‘Well Brody Anderson I think it’s high time you stopped berating me like I’m some dirty rag!!! I’ve had enough of your insults and denial!!Yes your denial!! You literally show you Care about me and the next time you make me feel like shit!! I know I’m ugly but still it doesn’t give you the right to bully the hell outta me?! It’s a shame everyone likes you for the jerk face that you are and this is why I’ll stop being nice!!!’..I screamed and stomped away before he could see me cry..

Like I don’t know or understand why he hates me so so much!!…

I’m literally doing the best i can to make him pleased but I guess I’m also in denial..

Brody Anderson would never like me or anything I do..

Brody’s POV

I stared blankly as Payton walked away clearly hearing her sobs and went into the classroom.Serani threw me a haughty glare as Payton’s head was on the table but I ignored her and went to sit down..

‘Good afternoon delinquents!!’..Mr Rudolf blurted out loudly as he walked into the class..

‘Good afternoon Mr Rudolf!!’..The class roared in replied and he smirked exposing his three dimpled cheek..

‘Well you guys better start packing your bags and your camping gear cause the High school camping trip is next week…As you all know absence of any student would warrant an expulsion!!!’..He replied and the whole class went into disarray with happiness…

Ughh I hate camping!!..

I’ve always hated camping right from when a spider crawled up my butt in third grade…

‘Whoa dude we’re going camping’..Cooper murmured from behind me and i groaned loudly..

‘You know i hate camping Cooper so don’t get psyched about it’..i grumbled..

‘You hate camping but i don’t i still can’t believe you’ve not gotten over that spider in third grade’..He replied.I glanced over to where Payton was seated talking to Trevor and the next thing i knew he walked over to where I was..

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‘Hey man can i talk to you for a minute??’..He murmured and i furrowed my brows..

‘I’m busy’..i said..

‘No you bastard!!’..He screamed and the next thing i knew a punch landed on my face..

‘Are you out of your mind what the hell is wrong with you!!’..i yelled back and gave him an uppercut..

‘You always use every opportunity to insult the poor girl when you know you’re in self denial!! If you say one insulting word to her ever again I’ll make sure i take your teeth out’..


????Bad Boy Romance????

Episode 38

(Time for a makeover)
Brody’s POV

A minute later in Principal Terian’s office
‘You really disappointed me Trevor and you Brody as expected I’m not surprised’..Principal Terian muttered as Trevor and I went down on our knees..

‘Just so you know sir I didn’t cause the fight he started it’..I said aloud throwing a dirty look at Trevor ..

I mean I don’t get what’s his deal….he’s not Payton’s boyfriend?!…

‘Yes I know and that’s why you haven’t been expelled,detention for the both of you!! You’re going to be working the lunch line until your camping trip’..He replied and I scoffed..

‘I can’t work the lunch line principal Terian,Lunch lady Maria has banned me for adding sugar to her mash potatoes which turned out great by the way’..I protested.Trevor just snickered on without saying a word and I frowned..

He always acts like he’s so special..

‘I don’t care Brody but i can make an exception for you,you’re going to be the camp guide this year and Trevor would be your partner’..He muttered and the both of us gasped in unison..

‘There’s no talking out of this one guys leave my office now’..He said before we could even say anything.I dusted my shirt and left the office with a frayed temper and when I saw Payton talking to Jake Kelson it became worse..

‘Sorry about earlier’..Trevor said patting me on the shoulders..

‘No worries just stay outta my business next time,if I’m in self denial or not it’s none of your business just don’t ruin the cordial relationship we have next time’..i replied and he nodded walking away..

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Everything about this week sucks…

Now I have to be the camp guide with captain Trevor who doesn’t mind his f**king business…

Payton’s POV

School was over and just before everyone could run home Mr Rudolf stopped us with a very important announcement..

‘There’s been a development guys,your camping trip isn’t next week,it’s actually tomorrow so you all have to pack your bags and return here at exactly 7pm!!! Don’t even think of being late!!’..He said and everyone grumbled loudly with me included..

I was looking forward to a peaceful weak with no problems involved and now we’re going camping..

I don’t even have enough gkkd clothes to wear..

‘Did you hear Payton?! We’re going camping tomorrow!!’..Serani squealed and i sighed in return..

‘Lucky you Serani,you’re a fashionista and what am I?? I literally wear pajama tops to church on Sundays’..i explained and she chuckled loudly..

‘Oh my God Payton you’re so fu..wait you’re joking are you??’..

‘No I’m not Serani,i don’t have clothes to wear and you know every girls in school would use that perfect opportunity to hit up guys!! I’m literally a failure when it comes to socializing’..I replied and sunk into my chair..

‘You know you don’t have to be so disturbed about it Payton,yeah you’re a fashion disaster but there’s a way we c..

‘It’s time for a makeover’..Trevor interrupted and we both shot a look at him..

‘Sorry I’m going’..He added and walked away eating an apple…

‘But you know he’s right though,its time for a makeover cause you really need it’..Serani added and i smirked..

‘I don’t have the cash for a makeover Serani I’m broke’..

‘Hey do you want to get a good boyfriend or not??’..she asked..

‘Yes’..i replied..

‘So my sweet heart it’s time for a makeover and when Brody Anderson sees you when I’m done he’s gonna be sorry!!!’..