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Bad Boy Romance. Episode 41 and 42

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????Bad Boy Romance????

Episode 41

(Camping Pt 2–(Broken friendship)

Brody’s POV

A few glances were passed between Payton and I unconsciously but disappeared immediately.Everyone were settled in their rooms and Mr Rudolf called everyone out for a bonfire..

‘Damn this camp is gonna be lit!!’..Cooper commended as he saw the barbecue stand and pretty girls..

‘Yeah I guess,it’s kinda different now and for a while I thought we were camping on the ground but it still doesn’t mean I still love camping’..I retorted downing a bottle of Apple juice..

‘Hmmm yeah I know but come to think of it what’s the deal between you and Payton anyway??’..He asked and i frowned..

‘What do you mean by that Cooper she’s clearly my maid’..

‘Ohhh I know she’s your maid but there’s some weird chemistry between you two and it’s clearly obvious to everyone’..he replied…

‘There is no chemistry between the both of us Cooper and you should know by now that she’s not my type’..I murmured taking another bite into my steak..

‘Ohhh really?? I’m your best friend Brody and i see the sultry glances you give her like you just wanna pounce on her so tell me,what’s really going on??’..He said..

‘Nothing dude!! Seriously nothing!! You know I’m not that kind of a relationship person,just flirt off and move on and you know she’s clearly not my type so buzz off!!’..I snapped and walked off before he could say anything else…

Why does everyone keep thinking that i like her?!..

First it was Trevor and now Cooper..


Payton’s POV

I faked a smile as Chase tucked my hair behind my ear affectionately.He’s been hovering around me ever since we got down from the bus and to be honest i would love to have him as a boyfriend but there’s something about him that makes me uncomfortable.I chuckled softly as Serani and Trevor chased each other around the bon fire playing a tag game which made everyone laughed.Brody was busy doing his normal thing —Talking to girls and acting like the cool playboy he is while i just sat with the football guys.Sometimes our eyes met but he quickly evaded the gaze and continued with his activity..

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‘Did i tell you how beautiful you look??’..Chase murmured from behind me and i smiled nervously..

‘Yeah,yeah you did twelve times already’..i said..

‘Whoa then i guess I’m mesmerized by your beauty then Paula’..he said and i frowned..

‘Payton,my name is Payton’..

’Yeah i knew that I’m just kidding’..He said and i faked another laugh.Deep down i yearned to go to the other side of the bonfire to have corny fun with my friends Trevor and Serani who seemed to be making fun of themselves and happy doing it…

‘Excuse me for one minute,I need to use the bathroom’..i lied standing up from the log..

‘Ohh but you’d be back right??’..Chase asked and i nodded.I walked over to were Serani was seated and gave her the ‘We need to talk sign’ but when she didn’t get it I grabbed her arm and we both left the fire..

‘Hey what gives?? Trevor and I were almost in the smooching mood!’..She protested..

‘Sorry about that i need your help,I..i don’t like where this popularity stuff is going especially when Chase Dumpkin has his eyes all over me’..i whispered softly and she crossed her arm..

‘I never wanted you to be popular Payton,i only wanted to give you a makeover so your level of confidence would be top notch but you wanted the popularity’..she said and this time it was my turn to cross my arm..

‘I don’t understand what you’re saying Serani you’re saying that you don’t want me to be popular??’..I asked with a frown on my face..

‘Huh?? Why would you think that Payton?? I just don’t want it getting to your head and look you’re slowly turning to a jerk!!’..She yelled and i scoffed..

‘You’re just jealous Serani you’re just jealous because I’m hanging with the big boys and all you have is Trevor!!’..i fired back and then i saw the hurt in her eyes..

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‘Ohh sorry about that Payton,enjoy your new found popularity i was stupid enough to be your friend’..She murmured with her eyes already glazed with tears and before I could say anything else she walked away…


????Bad Boy Romance????

Episode 42

Brody’s POV

I watched as Serani came back with tears in her eyes and ignored Trevor who in return followed her.Minutes after Payton came back with her eyes red with anger and walked past me for Chase..

What happened??..

‘Jeez it seems like there’s going to be a rumble,what happened between the two besties??’..Cooper asked and I frowned..

‘Must you always gossip?? Dude stop acting like a ninny’..I replied and he snickered..

‘Sorry but I always have a nose for the news man,it’s not my fault’..He said..

‘Ohh but keep your nose out of their business,you know it’s a bestie problem’..I murmured and glanced at Payton again only to see her smiling but the corner of her lips I saw the worry lines…

Why do i feel like she’s doing this just to spite me and it isn’t working??..

Already tired of eating and drinking and stood up from the log and went into the cabin like rooms only for me to see Trevor consoling Serani…

‘Hey Trevor what’s wrong with her??’..I asked arching my brows..

‘Go away Anderson’..Serani sobbed and i smirked..

‘Hey even though we hate each other you know i can’t bear to see you cry??’..I teased and she scoffed..

‘Look who’s talking,you enjoy seeing me cry and you also enjoy seeing Payton cry so spare me the pity talk’…

‘Ohhh my dear Serani just tell me what’s wrong with you and I won’t disturb you and just so you know Cooper won’t let me rest until he knows what’s going on’…I said..

‘Look i don’t know okay just that I regret being Payton’s friend!! She’s the most horrible person I’ve ever met!!’..She cried out and ran into her room.I glanced at Trevor and he just shrugged…

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What does she mean by she regrets ever being Payton’s friend??..

What’s even going on between the both of them??..

Payton’s POV

‘Have I told you how beautiful you look??’..Chase asked again and I tried hiding my groan so it just came out as a squeak..

‘Chase please you’ve said this times without number please if you’ve got something to say please say it’..I snapped and he furrowed his brows .

‘Well i guess you’ve caught me,will you be my girlfriend??’..He asked and I gasped loudly..

‘B..but we’ve just known each other for few hours so how can you ask me this??’..

‘WELL I CAN JUST SAY IT’S LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT’..He said loudly and i felt a sudden lump in my throat..

‘I..i don’t know what to say to be honest Chase,i don’t know what to say to be..may..maybe I guess I’ll go..I think I’m going to bed’..I stuttered standing up from the chair and he held me back…

‘I’m sorry if i said anything wrong I never meant to hurt you in anyway with my words’..He said and I smiled .

‘No you didn’t I’m just tired that’s all but I’ll give you a reply tomorrow that’s for sure’..I replied and he kissed me on the cheeks.The lump in my throat grew stronger as i briskly walked away from the bonfire.I looked around searching for Brody with my eyes and when I didn’t see him I went back to my room.Serani was already packing her bags when i opened. the door…

‘Where are you off to??’..I asked and she sniffed…

‘I’m going to another room with someone who doesn’t think I’m a jealous friend’..she replied .

‘Serani are you being serious right now?!!’..

‘Yeah I’m serious Payton,you’ve let it get to your head and don’t come back to me when you have regrets you are really bad person’..