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Bad Boy Romance. Episode 53, 54 and 55

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????Bad Boy Romance????

Episode 53

(Wanna have s*x??)
Payton’s POV


He’s calling me a traitor??..

What did i even do??..

I didn’t even say a thing when Chase kept berating his family??..

And now he’s calling me a traitor??..


‘Ughhh he’s unbelievable Serani,i mean I can’t even believe he’s calling me a traitor!!’..i blurted out angrily as i paced around Serani’s room.Luckily Mrs Anderson called the fumigating corporation to fumigate the house so everyone had to leave for days giving me the opportunity to stay at Serena’s and bond with her family.Brody and Trevor booked a hotel to stay for the week so they are not my problem..

‘Well technically you’re a traitor’..Serani muttered with a smirk on her face and i stopped pacing..


‘but you know it’s true Payton,you and Brody aren’t on good terms i get it but it still doesn’t mean you should allow Chase berate his family like that you know especially when you know they’re the ones helping your mom —Even i myself wasn’t comfortable sitting down there and listening to that conversation,it was tots awkward’…She said and my frown loosened…

‘Yeah i think you’re right but why does he hate Brody so much,he’s popular too isn’t he??’..I asked as i sat down at the edge of the bed..

‘B*tch which guy in highschool wouldn’t hate Brody?! The one and Only Brody!! That ni*ga is damn handsome and rich too so who wouldn’t hate him?’..She replied and I shrugged.I changed into a simple gown and as I opened my text book to begin on my assignment my phone rang and when i checked the caller it was Chase…

????:H..hey Chase’..i said rolling my eyes..

????:Ohh whad’up baby just wanted to hear your sweet voice and tell you to get ready!!’..He said over really loud music..

????:What are you talking about??’..i asked really irritated by the lousiness of his voice..

????:Well I’m having a party to celebrate our relationship here in my house and almost the whole school is invited well except for you know who’..He replied..

????:A party Chase?? I can’t come I..I have work to do’..I said silently praying that he won’t force me..

????:That’s not an excuse babe,9pm sharp be at my house okay?? I’ll send a car to pick you up and we’ll have some fun’..

????:Chase no..cha..cha’ voice broke down as he hung up and I groaned loudly..


‘Hope you’re not planning on doing what i think you’re doing are you??’..Serani asked throwing me a quizzical look…

Brody’s POV

‘Hey are you going to Chase’s party??’..Trevor asked with his eyes focused on his homework…

‘What?? Chase dumbkin is throwing a party??’..i asked half annoyed and half amused at the same time..

‘Yeah he is,he’s celebrating his three days relationship with our Payton’..He replied and I frowned..

‘Well I don’t care’..I murmured..

‘Well the look on your face shows you’re lying’..he murmured too and I turned sharply..



Payton’s POV

Night at Chase’s Party????
‘Drink!! Drink!! Drink!! Drink!!’..Everyone chanted as Chase downed another shot of Red Label whiskey.The stench of cigarettes and alcohol wavered through the air and into my nose.Feeling the urge to puke I went into the bathroom and before I could go out Chase blocked me..

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‘Wh..what are you doing??’..I asked nervously..

‘i want to be intimate with my girlfriend’..he muttered and the stench of his ragged breath made my nose twitch…

‘Wh..what do you mean??’..I asked again and the next thing I knew he locked the bathroom door with a key..

‘Wanna have s*x??’..

????Bad Boy Romance????

Episode 54

(Don’t go away)

Payton’s POV

‘I don’t know what you’re trying to do Chase and no I don’t want to have s*x with you’..I replied gulping hard and he smiled..

‘Why my love?? Is my d*ck not big enough,is your p**sy too deep for me??’..He asked walking closer to me and pinned me to the wall..

‘Chase I want to go home please let me go!!’..i cried out trying to fight him away but he was way too strong..

‘You are my girlfriend Payton and we’re almost adults so it’s normal’…He said and I gulped hard again..

I should have listened to Serani..

I should have listened to Brody when he said Chase wasn’t to be trusted but I was so stubborn and now see where my stubbornness has landed me…

‘Not anymore Chase I’m no longer and I will never be your girlfriend!! You’re a really bad person!!’..I cried out fighting his painful love bites on my neck.He refused to listen and instead pinned my hands to the wall really tight and began kissing me forcefully.Tears streamed down my cheeks and I begged and pleaded but all was in vain.He was so bent on raping me and just as be tore away my pantie the door bursted open..

‘You bastard!!!’..Brody screamed at the top of his voice as he hauled Chase away from me and onto the toilet door..

‘Brody!!’..I cried for joy as I leaped onto his waiting arms and after crying in it for a while he softly pushed me away from his chest..

‘Hold on there’s something I need to take care of’..He muttered and just as he turned to the injured Chase I held him back..

‘ please don’t do anything!! Please leave him alone’..

‘I should leave him?? For Lord sakes he just tried to rape you and you say I should leave him alone?! He needs to be rammed against a wall Payton and I’ll be damned if I don’t do it myself!!’..He yelled .

‘L..look at me Brody..look at me!!’..I begged turning his chin over to my face.

‘Violence isn’t the answer to everything, you could get in real trouble because of this so let’s just go home’…I begged in tears.He hesistated for a while but when he saw the tears he my eyes he just retreated to sighing really loudly…

‘Let’s go home’…he murmured angrily and dragged me away from the crowd who peered on watching the ongoing drama…


‘How did you know I was there?? For one..I…I know Chase would never invite you to his party so how did you know I was there??’..I mustered enough courage to ask as Brody wrapped the hotel’s blanket around my body…

‘Well Chase didn’t invite me—Trevor was invited to the party and when I heard you were there also I was damn furious—Well to cut the dumb story short he overheard Jeremy whispering to someone that he was going to do the ‘Deed’ with you in the bathroom that night and that’s when I came’..He explained and for the first time the look in his eyes were gentle.It wasn’t anger.It wasn’t fear.It wasn’t pain.It was just gentle and for the first time I really felt that he cared for me as well as I did for him..

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‘Thank you Brody,thank you so so much I don’t know what would have..’ voice trailed off as a lump in my throat formed thinking about what might have happened if Brody hadn’t arrived..

‘It’s okay,you don’t have to think about it..errrr.. I’ll leave you to sleep I’ll be in Trevor’s room’..He murmured and turned to leave but I held him back…

‘No please’..


‘Don’t go away’…


‘Cause I need you??’..

‘You don’t need me Payton’..

‘Yes I do and in as much as I hate to admit it I really do Brody,please don’t go away I’m really scared’..I whimpered with my eyes already glazed with tears..

‘How are you sure what happened with Chase won’t happen with me??’..he asked..

‘Well cause you’re someone with a good heart—You are a jerk no doubt about that and a Playboy too but you’ve got a great heart Brody Anderson,you love to sing when in a good mood,you tease anyone teasable,if you didn’t have a good heart then you wouldn’t have come for me when I fell in that ditch.If you didn’t have a good heart you wouldn’t have come for me in the rain.You even let a scorpion sting you and acted fine just because you didn’t want to worry me…I..I ask myself why you do this but I just can’t find the answers but all I know is that you have a good heart’..I explained and his face broadened into a very beautiful smile.A smile I haven’t seen before.A very beautiful smile..

‘Thanks for saying all that really but there’s a reason why I did all that’..he said..

‘Really?? Why?’..I asked.

‘I’ll tell you later when I have the courage but since you don’t want me to go away then I won’t’..



????Bad Boy Romance????

Episode 55

(Why so nice??)
Brody’s POV

Hearing Payton say that I have a good heart really broke the last barrier I kept between the both of us..

It’s so surprising cause I really treat her so bad and she still thinks I have a good heart??.

‘Mmmmh’.she murmured in her sleep under the duvet and when I caught a glimpse of her innocent face I smiled.My hands hovered over her shoulder deciding whether to rest or not but I quickly withdrew it..

Today I almost killed Chase because of her.I felt the desire to kill and protect because of her and I’m glad she fought to keep my head in order cause I was really planning on doing something that I would regret later…

Now tomorrow she has to face the scadalous shame in school..

After hearing all she had to say the least I could do is be nice to her until I accept the gooey feeling I get whenever she’s near me…

Payton’s POV

The Next Morning in school????
As soon as I walked into the hallway all eyes turned towards me and then the murmurs began..

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‘She’s so shameless’..

‘I can’t believe she was almost raped’..

‘What if she seduced Chase??’..

‘Poor girl she’s so innocent’..

‘The party last night was certainly one to remember’..

On and on and on and on I tried to hard to shut the gossip behind me but I couldn’t..

They knew I was listening and they made sure of it…

‘I told you going to that party was a bad idea—I heard what happened—Sorry’..Serani said as she walked over.I kept silent for a while and when I saw the sincere look of comfort in her eyes I bursted into tears in her arms ..

‘It was horrible Serani,I never want to go to another party ever again!!’ .I cried out and she patted my back .

‘Sorry honey but look on the bright side,At least Brody was there to save you??’..She said trying to calm me down and I nodded in approval of her notion..

She’s right..

Brody was there at the right time and speak of the devil..

‘Hey Payton!! You look nice today’..He said as he walked past me with Cooper..



Did he just do what I think he just did??..

‘Whoa I did not see that coming’…Serani exclaimed in agreement with my thoughts and my mouth opened widely..

‘Was he just nice to me?? Did Brody Anderson just say something nice to me??’..I asked no one in particular??..

Fine I poured my heart out to him last nice but why so nice??..

Why is he so nice to me??..


‘So you have to give me a full report on your English homework tomorrow’.. The new English teacher said as the bell signaled the end of her class.I grabbed my books and just before I could go outside Brody stopped me..

‘Hey Payton you uhhh wanna help me with my report?? I really don’t understand the basics’..he said and the ball of spit almost left my mouth…

‘Y..yeah sure..yeah when we get home I would help you’ voice trailed off as he placed a soft kiss on my cheek and walked away .

‘Thanks PT you’re the best’..

Okay I’ve seen a lot of weird things going on but nothing prepared me for this one…

Did he just ask for my help and did he just call me PT??..

A new polite nickname..

‘Hey it looks like Brody hit his head on a brick or something’..Trevor in his usual gossiping self muttered into my ears and in as much as I wanted to laugh I couldn’t..

‘I’m as confused as you are Trevor,can you imagine he called me PT’..I explained and his eyes widened …

‘He called you PT?? You mean like he gave you a new nickname?? A nice one??’..

‘Yes he did’..

‘No way!!’..

‘Yes way Trevor and he even asked me for help with his English report!! It’s like there’s a whole new Brody Anderson or something!’..I said confused as f**k but smiling at the new development…

‘The Brody I know isn’t nice—Why so nice all of a sudden??’..He asked me and I shrugged as we both walked out of the class..