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Bad Boy Romance. Episode 64 and 65

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????Bad Boy Romance????

Episode 64

Payton’s POV

‘Is he okay??’..Mrs Anderson asked as she bursted through the door of the school’s clinic and I shook my head..

‘He passed out Mrs Anderson and I think we need to take him to the hospital’..I replied..

‘I’m okay’.. Brody murmred with his eyes half closed..

‘You are not okay Brody!! How many times have I warned you about ignoring your health!! You’re always trying to act like a superhero!!’..She scolded and I sighed deeply.We both carried him to the car and I felt like my skin was burning when I felt his temperature…

‘Jeez you’re burning,we really need to get you to a hospital’..I muttered as his mom and I placed him at the back of the car..

‘I..I said I’m..I’m okay I don’t want to go to the hospital’..he panted heavily…

‘You have to visit the hospital and why are you so bothered about it?? It’s just the hospital??’..I asked and he rolled his eyes…

‘Easy for you to say’..he murmured .

‘Brody has something that I call Hospiphobia,he’s scared of the hospital since when he was a kid and it seems like he’s not over it yet’..She explained and I guffawed loudly..


The one and only Brody Anderson is scared of the hospital??..

‘Ohhh really??’..I said aloud but he didn’t reply…

‘Brody?? Brody are you okay??’…I asked but he still didn’t reply me..

‘We really need to rush him to the hospital Mrs Anderson he’s unconscious!!’.. I cried out..

‘What?!!! Oh my God!!’..She screamed and sped through the road like a mad woman not even caring about the police checkpoint.She cried on endlessly and luckily we reached the hospital In time.Two nurses took him in a stretcher and rushed him to the ER while Mrs Anderson and I just waited in the waiting room crying…

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‘I can’t bear to loose him Payton,I can’t bear to loose him he’s all I’ve got after his father left us.He left Brody and I without saying a word and I was left broken,Brody was my only source of joy and he was what kept me going’…She whimpered…

‘He’s going to be okay Mrs Anderson I know Brody very well,he’s a fighter and he’s going to be okay!! I’m just pretty sure it’s a fever’..I said reaasuredly and she nodded..

‘Thank you Payton,I don’t know what I would have done without you to be honest’..she murmured and and I smiled patting her shoulders..

Two Hours Later

‘Mrs Anderson?? I need to see you in my office now’..The doctor said as he came out with a sethescope in his hands.I gulped hard seeing the distressed look in his face..

‘Can she come with me too??’..She asked on my behalf..

‘Well there’s no problem with that actually’..he replied and we both followed him to the office…

‘How’s my son doctor??’..She asked and the doctor sighed deeply…

‘He’s okay now and we’ve run some tests,he’s going to have to stay in the hospital for a while Mrs Anderson’..He said..

‘Wh..what do you mean by that doctor I don’t understand??’..Mrs Anderson asked…

‘The results are in Mrs Anderson and uhmm…

‘And what?!’..

‘Brody has Kidney Cancer’…He said and as soon as I heard those words it was as if my whole world crash landed on spikes…

‘Cancer?? My son can’t have cancer doctor do something!! Re-run some tests but don’t tell me my son has cancer!!’..Mrs Anderson cried out…

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‘I could re-run the tests but it would still remain the same Mrs Anderson,your son has Cancer and from the looks of it he’s in the last stage and he’s gonna be needing a kidney donor’..

????Bad Boy Romance????

Episode 65

(Cancer pt 2)
Payton’s POV

‘He can’t have cancer Mrs Anderson!! Brody can’t have cancer!’..I cried out shaking the already crestfallen Mrs Anderson who just slumped to the ground..

‘I..I..I..I thought my son was healthy as a horse!!! Please run another test doctor he’s the only one I have I can’t loose him?? He can’t have cancer he’s not even been sick!!’..She yelled at the doctor..

‘If he’s been having sleepless and migraines then it’s likely to be cancer Mrs Anderson,I’m sorry but the tests don’t lie’..He said.I left her on the ground and walked outside dejectedly only to see Trevor and Serani on the waiting bench.They wanted to speak but when they saw the look on my face their mouths closed immediately..

‘H..H..He’s he okay??’..Trevor managed to ask after a minute of silence and I fell to the ground..

‘He has cancer Trevor.Brody has kidney cancer and he’s in the last stage.They said he’s going to be needing a kidney donor Trevor and i don’t..I don’t..I don’t know what to do and..and..and I can’t bear to lose him!!!’..i bursted out crying..

‘Kidney cancer?? How is this even possible?! I’m sorry Payton but you need to get a hold of yourself,Brody needs you to be strong for him.Like I said before he’s a fighter and he’s gonna survive this okay??’…Serani muttered resting her hands on my shoulder and she pressed her lips to my forehead..

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‘Yeah you’re right.I’ve got to be strong for Brody and since Mrs Anderson is not in her right state of mind i think I should tell him about his condition’..I said as I sniffed lightly and rose up from the ground..

‘Are you sure you should tell him that?? He’s not in a good state Payton and letting him know that he has kidney cancer is like adding salt to a wound’..She replied..

‘I can’t keep this as a secret from him Serani he’ll hate me’..I said..

‘Well then tell him later but not now okay??’..


Brody’s POV

I opened my eyes and turned my weak head around only for me to see beeping machines and a drip attached to my hand…

‘Ughh my head hurts’..i murmured lightly trying to assess the situation with my blurry eyes and luckily i spotted Payton on the couch…

‘I said i want okay’..i murmured and she jolted to her feet immediately and wiped something off her face…

‘What’s wrong with you?? Have you been crying??’..I asked..

‘Huh?? Me?? Cry?? No I’m not crying why would you think I’ve been..I’ve been crying??’..She stuttered and I arched my brows…

Something’s definitely wrong…

‘I know something is wrong with you Payton,tell me what’s wrong’..I rasped and she sniffed a bit..

‘I…I..I…I was just scared about you Brody you almost gave me a heart attack I’m just happy you are okay’..She said and I sniffed also..



‘You’re lying’..

‘I’m not lying’..

‘You are’..

‘I am not lying’..She replied and I smiled..

‘Something is wrong with me right??’..I asked…

‘Brody??’..She cried out and I smiled..

‘Tell me Payton’..

‘You have kidney cancer Brody’..