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Living With Mr Arrogant. Episode 45 and 46

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{14 Nights In His Bed}


{Saving Carly}




“I don’t want you to go alone. I want to go with you and that’s it. ”
I snap at Quinn as I walk back into the bathroom then out again.

“This is something that’s very dangerous Kath, please listen to me and stay here. I wouldn’t take long and I will bring back Carly for you also, I can’t just allow you to go with me. It’s really dangerous. ”
He says and I shake my head a I put on gown.

“You can’t just except me to sit here and wait while you throw yourself at danger when all these is my fault right from the start. I want to go with you. I want to be there for you. ”
I whisper and he smiles before sighing and walking over to me, leading his hand against my cheek as I push more of it into his hands.

It has been just two days since we had realized the history between the two of us which means today is the eleventh day and I have just three days before I have to leave here.
Even though everything has changed between us now, I still can’t stay if he doesn’t want me here and I’m getting more and more greedy to do that with each day that passes between us and each second that we spend together.
I don’t want to be away from him, not even for a single moment.

“I know baby. I know that you want to be there for me and with me and I’m not saying that you shouldn’t either but it’s just that it’s really dangerous going with me and I don’t want to put you in that kind of danger. We both know how this guy can be and we both know that he would stop at nothing until he has you. I just got you Kathryn, I don’t want to lose you all over again. Please listen to me and stay here with my parents please. That way you would be more safe. I will bring back Carly, all you just have to do is to be safe. ”
He mutters and I sigh before nodding against his touch.

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“But, I just want to be there when Carly is saved. I want to be there for her, remember that she is in that mess because of me anyways. I just want to be there for her. ”
I mutter and he sighs before nodding, telling me that he understands.

“Alright fine. Since it seems like you’re just gonna continue been stubborn and you wouldn’t let me go on my own, you can come with me on one condition. ”
He says and I raise my brows at him, telling him that I’m listening to whatever it is he has to say.

“First. You can’t come with me inside the building that they are in. You have to stay in the car and the car would be few meters before the building.. ”
He says and raised his finger to silence me when I put and about to start speaking.

“Second. Don’t even think of making any movements or any sound. No matter what you hear, even if it’s gunshots. You can’t make any move, understand? ”
He says and I think about it. Staying in the car and not even making any move even if their lives are in danger?

“What if you guys are in danger and I’m the only one that can help? ”

“Don’t even think about offering that help. We would be fine on our own, nothing will go wrong side all you have to do is to stay in the car and don’t think of doing anything or forget about coming with me. ”
I sigh before nodding and he smiles at me.

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Carly, just endure a little bit more. I’m coming for you.

{14 Nights In His Bed}


{The Turn Of Events}




I groan as I slowly open my eyes once again and stare around the area that I an. I have already lost count of the days that I have been here and at this rate, I think that I might die when more sooner than I had thought I will.

They haven’t been giving me enough food to keep me alive.
The only time that I was given anything to eat, since the day they have been keeping me here was only two days ago and the food that had given me is just like giving food to a young baby that has just been eating recently.

It did nothing but to increase the hunger and since the last two days, I haven’t been given any other thing. Not even something as important as water.

It seems like its even such a waste of time and energy is Kathryn comes here and I don’t want her to either.
Vladimir is smart. He knows that if he let’s go of me, I will definitely inform the police about it, which means that even if Kathryn comes here, I’m sure that he’s probably planning on killing me.

Kathryn coming here will make him achieve his goal but Kathryn not coming here will only end with me dying and Kathryn will be safe.
All I just need from her is not to come and I will gladly accept my death for her.

The dumb guy that has been sitting here with me since I have been here stares at me as I try to keep my eyes open. I tend to hold on until the very last minute that he comes to take my life.

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My head slowly rises up as I hear some gunshots from outside and I know that something is wrong. Someone is here and I don’t think that that someone would be Kathryn cause Kathryn can’t fire a gun.

I also know that my boyfriend can’t be here. Yes, he must have defintely been worried about me but there’s no way he would actually be here because he knows nothing about all these. If it isn’t Kath and it isn’t Ryan then who the hell is doing the shots?
“f****ng b***h. They are here for her, sh*t has gone real bad. We are all surrounded, the boss have an escape route we can go through but he wants us to kill this b***h first, if ye ain’t getting his girl then she ain’t getting her friend either. ”
A guy with short black hair says as he enters and stares at me. I gulp in, knowing that this is the end of it all.

I knew. I did. I knew that no matter what happens. I must die.

“f**k, Jack! Just shoot the damn girl, we have to go now! ”
The guy yells as the gunshots gets more louder and louder and I close my eyes after I watch him being out his gun and point it towards me.

Kathryn. Even if I die now, don’t even think if blaming yourself for it because I didn’t die with sadness. I am going with happiness because I know that at least, you are safe and that’s all that ever matters. That is all that has ever matters to me.

“No, please! Don’t shoot her, please! ”
I hear a familiar voice and I open my eyes as I pray that this isn’t what I think it is.

She can’t be here. She can’t!
I stare around as my eyes lands on her and my breathing got caught up in my throat.