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Living With Mr. Arrogant. Episode 33

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{14 Nights In His Bed}

©️Youngicee Stories.

Episode 33.



“That was such a nice meal. I enjoyed it. ”
Mom says and I nod as I stare at the laptop that’s on my leg.
I have been working ever since the meal we had and Kathryn is down with my parents when mother had suddenly came up here to my room.
Even without her saying anything, I know exactly what she’s gonna talk about. She’s gonna speak about Kathryn and how much she loves her.
It’s my mom after all. That’s just how she is.

“You know when you had first said that you were gonna get married. I didn’t realize that you would marry such a nice, respectful and beautiful young lady. You really made a good chance son, your fiancee is really a nice lady and I love her.
Even within the few hours that I had spent with her, she have make me really happy and make me laugh that I could have done in the next few weeks. ”
She says and I roll my eyes. I knew this was what she’s gonna talk about the moment she walked through that door.

If only she knows that the woman she loves so much is the woman that’s always been rude towards me even though I’m her boss and she’s so ungrateful.
Even after saving her from those guys, she was so ungrateful and said things that she shouldn’t have.

I wonder how she’s able to change quickly from been like that to been everything my parents had been saying she is.
“I’m glad you love her mom. Dad had said the same thing about her. ”
I utter and she sighs, nodding her head.

“I just want you to get married to her real quick. I know she’s your fiancee but that can never be permanent unless you guys get married to each other, I don’t want another man to steal her away from you Quinn. She’s really one in a million and you can’t let her slip away from your grasp. ”
One in a million indeed.
I can see that she’s truly one in a million.
Mom, you have no possible idea of what that woman is capable of. If only you do then you would know that she isn’t one in a million.

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“She should probably be done with your father now. I should go get her so you two can spend some quality time together. ”
What? Before I could stop her, she’s already on her feet and out of the room while I breathe out, frustrated.

I need these fourteen days to pass away as quick as they can. I don’t want to always be close to that woman. Not anymore.

The door opens and she walks through the door with mother while my eyes widens as how red her cheeks are. Just how much has she been laughing.

“I’m going back out to meet your father and sleep since we had such a long flight. Kath, common go sleep with your fiance. ”