September 25, 2023

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Haunted. Episode 11

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Episode 11

Nessa Myer’s POV

With the way and manner at which master dealt with Nathan yesterday, he would definitely not come to school today.

He would have been dead if not for me. Well, now I can fulfil my mission flawlessly.

I checked the person that would be the victim of my mission in this school.

It was a pretty girl and hopefully, I get to submit her soul to the master today

That would really make the master happy.

I started to search for the lady, I finally found her on the staircase. She was pressing her phone.

I was glad that I’ll be accomplishing my first mission. I walked to her already casting my spell when a hand tapped me on my shoulder.

I shouldn’t be shocked but I was. The scent of the person was familiar and I turned without thinking.

I saw Nathan standing behind me and smiling.

“Nathan!” I called stunningly

“Hi Myers.” He greeted.

“Stay away from me?” I declared and turned to see the girl starring at both of us.

“Why? You really hate me?” He asked.

“If my father comes around to deal with you this time, I will not help you…I’ll let him do his worse.” I threatened and he chuckled.

“I’m not scared of anyone, you should know that by now.” He said

What exactly is wrong with this guy? This is someone that was hurt brutally yesterday and was at the edge of dying.

Why is he just so tenacious and obstinate?

But, how did he even get healed so fast? Blood was spilling all over him yesterday. If his mother and father were not around , who saved him then?

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Oh! Could it be that he have some powers? No wonder I used one of my powers on him and it never worked.

But my master’s power is working on him, that’s enough reason for him to stay away from me. Yet, he’s here.

“What did you want now?” I asked.

“Well…just to ask a few questions from you and I’ll return to my class.” He said and I turned to see the lady whose soul I was to submit . She was now leaving.

I gritted my teeth as I watched the lady walk away.

“You are so annoying , you know that?” I asked.

“Sure.” He grinned. “Tell me, is that man your real father?” He asked.

“No, he’s my master but I see him as my father….any other question?” I asked getting irritated.

“Well, yeah. Where are your real parents?” I asked.

“I was kidnapped when I was 10, I thought I was dead but I was glad to find myself alive few days later. Ever since then, I had been getting trained by the master.” I replied.

“Please don’t ever disturb me again, I’ve answered all your questions.” I said and took steps to walk away.

“One more question…” He said and I paused. “If you see your father, will you recognize him?”

“Master told me that my parents are dead.” I replied him and walked away.