November 23, 2023

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Haunted. Episode 12

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Episode 12

Nathan’s POV

While I was in class, instead of listening to the teachers who were teaching, I was busy sketching the diagram of the man I saw in the bush.

The man that claimed to be the father of the lady that looks like Nessa Myers.

After we were done in school, I searched for Nessa Myers but I couldn’t find her.

Where could she have possible gone to? It’barely fifteen minutes that we close. I began to search earnestly for her but I could’t find her still.

I was passing through a class when I saw a lady on the desk, she just laid like someone sleeping.

How can someone be sleeping when everyone was going home?

I looked around and walked inside. The classroom became darker that I could hardly see.

What’s going on?

I took steps outside and viewing the classroom from where I stood, it was clear and visible.

I walked in courageously and went straight to the girl, I tapped her but she was not responding.

After trying to wake her and she wasn’t responding, I began to have an ill feeling that she may be dead or had fainted.

I carried her in a bridal style, hoping to carry her outside the class and call the ambulance only for me to be called out by a familiar voice.

“Nathan! Again?” I heard the voice and I dropped the lady. I was alarmed at first but quickly dusted it off.

“Nessa Myers!” I called in the dark even though I could not see her.

“Why are you disturbing me again? I’m almost done sacrificing her soul only for you to disrupt me. How did you even see the class when I had made it dark with my powers?” She asked.

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I could not really grasp all what she was insinuating.

“Her soul?” I repeated confusingly. “Did you kill her?”

“I don’t kill, I entrap people’s soul for the master, please leave.” She said.

“No, …I don’t know what you meant by soul entrapping or whatever but I can not let you kill her. ”

“I might kill you then.” She threatened and I was scared a little that she might kill me with her powers but I remembered that she once casted a apell on me and it never worked.

“Are you so heartless?” I asked.

“I’m loyal to my master.” She replied.

A force suddenly pulled me out of the class.

Nessa Myers POV

I was almost done submitting the lady’s soul when Nathan interrupted.

I’m happy my spell chased him out of the class, he must be ao weak by now.

Everyone would see the class as dark, only I could see the class as bright as it was.

I walked to the lady who was laying on the desk to complete my rituals on her when I suddenly saw a sheet on the floor.

Someone was drawn there and the person looked familiar. I remembered that I saw Nathan holding a sheet.

It must have dropped from his hand.

I picked the sheet from the floor and the image of the person I saw left me flabbergasted.

My father!