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Married To Mr. Popular. Episode 11 And 12

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????????Married to Mr Popular ????????

Forcefully Betrothed ????????????????

✍️By Iyanuoluwa Akinniyi✍️

Episode 11

☘️Xavier’s Pov☘️

I groaned as Mum followed me into the room,she has been disturbing me that she want to beg me for something which she has refused to tell me.
“What is it” I said and plonk on the bed shoving a pillow under my head.
“It’s nothing serious” she pouted like a baby and I sigh.
“I want you to get marry” she said slowly and I look at her and burst into an uncontrollable laughter.
After laughing for a long time, my stomach start hurting and I stopped a little bit.
“You are joking right” I said with a tint of mockery in my voice.
“I am not joking I am serious” she said on top of her voice and I stared at her.
O.. Kay.
But she is not smiling!!!!
“Why will you want me to marry” I scoffed and stare at her.
“You know that girl who won the talents show, I like her and I want her for you” she said and I gave her a cranky look.
“You mean… that round lady” I said unbelievably.
“Yes can’t you see how she is endowed” she said convincingly.
“I will never get married ” I said bluntly and she sighed.
“Don’t you want my happiness” she pouted like a baby and I sighed, I don’t like seeing her In tears.
“But why now?” I ask.
“I don’t want her to get engaged” she said and I scoffed.
I think about it for a while….
If that girl can be my wife, I will drill her anywhere and anytime because I will have rights and access to her heavy body.
“Okay I will think about it” I said finally.
“Why not now ” she said stubbornly.
“But I will have to think about it ” I replied almost pissed off.
She is too stubborn.
“Please you know you promise that you will always make me happy ” She pouted and I groaned.
“okay fine I agree” I said defeatedly and she giggled.
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????????Married to Mr Popular ????????

Forcefully Betrothed????????????????

✍️By Iyanuoluwa Akinniyi✍️

Episode 12

☘️Leila’s Pov ☘️

I walk breezily to the class and Thank God no teacher is in the class yet.
I walk to my sit to start the work of the day.
Not long after, Mr Donald our chemistry teacher walked in.
Not him alone but a girl, I think she is a new student.
“Good morning class ” He greeted in his deep baritone voice.
“Good morning sir” we chorused.
“Before moving to the work of the day, let me quickly introduce this girl to you,,she is a new student ” He said and I look at her closely.
She is kinda pretty with her jet black hair and tendrils framing her face.
“My name is Nina McCall” she introduced herself in a sweet voice.
We are even having the same surname.
“You are having the same surname with the only round lady in our class ” A boy jeered and the class burst into laughter.
I sighed embarrassed, they will never stop picking on me.
“Who is not having a partner” Mr Donald eyes roam around the class and it landed on me.
I am not having one.
“You will be seating with Leila” He said and pointed at my seat.
She nodded and walk to my seat.
She sat down slowly beside me.
“Hi” She greeted sweetly.
“Hello” I said surprised that she could talk to me.
“Nina” she stretched her hand and I took it.
“Leila ” I replied in a sweet smile.
“Leila “Mr Donald called warningly and I faced the projector.
I didn’t know he is looking at us.
After the class and two more classes, the bell rang for break and I packed my books in my desk.
After that,i stand up going to the cafeteria to eat, I am starving already .
“Hey wait for me” Nina called and I furrowed my brows.
“Okay” I said and in a few moments, she packed her books and we set to go.
We reached the cafeteria and ordered our food, we found a table at a corner to eat.
Soon we settle down eating quietly.
“Why were you surprised I am talking to you? ” Nina asked and I sighed.
“No one wants to talk to me they were jealous” I said truthfully.
“Huh… Why?”
“They were jealous of my shape and beauty, that’s why they always pick on me and I was quite surprised you are talking to me” I said and she chuckled.
“I don’t see anything wrong in making friends with you, I love making friends ” she said smiling.
“okay maybe we can be friends then” I said sweetly and she smiled.
“Yeah..cheers to our new friendship ” she said and we clicked our glasses together and she smiled. ????????

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