September 26, 2023

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Possessive Bill. Episode 26

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????{My Boss Demands}????

EPISODE 26. {The Dark Night.}




He stops the car and I stare up at the house that we are at, it’s not a house really but actually a mansion and there are guards around it with all of them looking so skilled, ready to fight whoever it us that brings war to them.
Alex walks to my other side to open the door for me while I smile gratefully at him before stepping down and staring around the house once again.

They all bow as he walks by while I gulp in hardly, following behind him like a lost strayed dog.

He opens the door and we are meet by bright beautiful inside of a mansion that’s shining so much with maids moving around the enture place, they all stop moving immediately a if they could sense his presence before they all bow to him while my mouth hangs open as I stare at all of them.

I know that he’s a billionaire. The youngest one and the richest one and I know that his house round definitely be something to die for but I didn’t thought that it would be this big and so beautiful.

“Lyla, come on. Let’s go. ”
I didn’t realize that I have been standing in the exact same point that I have been since I enter the place and I jerk out if my trance before smiling and walking over to him, following behind him as he walks up the stairs.

He opens the door to a room while I walk inside, staring around the small and yet beautiful room that I’m in.

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He sighs and he takes me to sit on the bed while I continue staring around the room.

“Is there anything that you would need? I should go get it, water? Food? Anything? ”
He raises his brows at me and I chuckle before shaking my head.
I have enough when I was able to escape from Sebastian.

He sighs before sitting in front of him while I watch him keenly.

“He wasn’t maltreating you right? Tell me if he was then I’m going to make sure that he suffer for it. ”
He says and I shake my head.
Although Sebastian had only gone about it in a wrong way, I know that he never meant to hurt me, he was just confused and wanted to take something that isn’t his forcefully.

“He wasn’t. Don’t, he has been treating me well. I get for whenever I like and he doesn’t maltreat me. ”
I smile at him and he nods before looking down at me then bending him head, without been told I know what he’s thinking about already.

He must have thought that he touched me.

“He didn’t touch me either. He said he was going to after he get married to me but he didn’t before that happens. ”
I says and he smiles at me before nodding.

“How did you ended there anyways? I wasn’t sure I was going to survive it. ”
I mutter and he shrugs.

“I saw you when you drive past global tech and I just followed, knowing that you’re going to need help. ”
He says and I smile at him again before nodding when he suddenly brings out his phone, punching in something before giving it to me.

“Your friends said to call then when I find you. You should probably call them to get out of that house also, it isn’t safe for anyone of you. ”
He says and it didn’t escape my mind when he says my friends. How does he know my friends and even have their contacts.

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“My friends? ”
I ask again to be sure that I hadn’t start hearing things and he nods.

“You know my friends? ”
I raise my brows at him and he nods.

“Yea, I went over to your place when you didn’t show up cause I was… ”
He stops talking while I raise my brows at him to continue.

“I just met them. Just call them already. ”
He groans before walking out of the room and I couldn’t help the laughter that slides through my throat.