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Possessive Billionaire. Episode 21

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????{My Boss Demands}????

EPISODE 21. {Saving Her.}




“So you actually mean to tell me that you haven’t seen her for the past two days? ”
I raise my brows, looking between the two girls who calls themselves Lyla friend and they had just told me that they have been searching for Lyla for the past two days. They have searched everywhere that could think of, that she would be but they haven’t seen not even a single glimpse of her.

I was right when I had said something must have happened to her. I know that it was just too strange for her to disappear out of the blue when she had promised that she would never be late to work ever again, not to mention without nothing as much as ever a single call.

“We don’t know what to do anymore, we have also informed her boyfriend and he hasn’t seen her at all either. ”
I stare at her at the slightly darker skin girl says and I don’t know why but that damned fucking word doesn’t sit well with me, not even for a single second. Boyfriend.
Fucking hell, I don’t know why I want to pull out his hair. Whoever owns that damned title.

“I have tried thinking about every other way possible but I can’t find one. Lyla isn’t the type of girl to just disappear without as much as a single trance and I’m sure that something stupid had happened to her. Whatever has happened to her. She must have been stuck cause that’s the only explanation to why she wouldn’t have called. ”
The other girl says while I try to think about any danger that I think might have offered to her.

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I don’t think that she could be in any danger, She’s a nice girl according to the impression that she left on me… Except.

I hiss slightly as I stand up. That motherfucker! Sebastian! That stupid damn guy!
He has said that day that he’s gonna get her in his own way and I’m sure that this is the way that he was talking about. Kidnapping a girl because you want her.

That’s so damn fucking insane!
“Thank you for everything that you have provided. You guys should continue looking for her and with everything that you have told me, I will also continue searching for her. From my own side and as soon as you find her, don’t hesitate to call me. I will drop my contacts now. ”
The girls squeaks once again, going back to been weird.

I wondered if these are the same girls that have been so serious when they had been talking me about Kyla and how worried they have been for the past two days they gave been searching for her.
She really has such great friends with her.

“We will surely contact you as soon as she’s found and please sir, if you have any hunch or you got lucky and found her. Don’t hesitate to call us also. ”
I smile before nodding at the girl.

After dropping my contact for the girls and ensuring that she would be fine, I leave the house with only one thought in my mind. Call the fucker to confirm my suspicions. I’m gonna get him to admit, even if he doesn’t want to.

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He has to fucking admit it! How dare he just kidnap a girl like that? My employee! No one touches my employees!

No one and most especially! No one touches Lyla because she means a lot to me.
She has ever since she stepped foot into that room and I’m not gonna pity anyone that dares touch her! They will all go to fucking hell!