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Possessive Billionaire. Episode 24

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????{My Boss Demands.}????

EPISODE 24. {Fireworks. Heartbeats…. In His Arms.}




“You are looking very beautiful. ”
Sebastian smiles at me as he walks in dressed in black suit and I turn to look at him, my face expressionless I’m sure.

It’s Dawn and Sebastian has forced on me to wear this long white gown that brings out all my curves and pumps up my chest.

After all my pleadings and rantings about wanting to leave, he didn’t listen and he still went ahead with the marriage. He still brought a priest and according to him, we will be getting married right today. This very moment.
“Why are you not saying anything? ”
He mutters when I remain silent after his compliment and I shake my head, saying nothing.

I’m my head. I have a perfectly well laid plan.
We are going with the car and as soon as the guard opens for me to go to wherever it is we want to go, I’m running away. As far as I can. Even if he does catch me which is eighty perfect sure that he might, I will gladly kill myself because I just can’t think of any possibility of accepting to get married to him.

Get a chance. Run. Plan fails?. Die.
It’s as simple as that cause I don’t see no other way of escaping from this porthole that I have found myself.

“It doesn’t mater anyways, it’s right for a bride to be nervous few hours before her marriage. Now let’s us go. The priest mist be waiting for us. ”
He smile at me, gesturing for me to go out and I gulp in before slowly walking towards him, past him and walking out of the room, towards downstairs and I finally arrived at the end of it.

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Sebastian follows behind me and I walk out of the house, the night is cold and only the stars brings the light here. I wonder who the hell in their right senses would think of getting married at night? It makes absolutely no fucking sense but ot course, nothing makes sense with Sebastian.

Opening the door, I turn back to see Sebastian standing behind me as if he could tell that I’m going to run away and I breathe out before walking inside the car, hoping that my plan of running away do works.
He closes the door before waking around the car to get to the other side, opening the door and getting in while I shift to the extreme end of the seat and rest my head against the window.

What will happen if this plan fails. If I don’t get to run away and if I don’t get to kill myself either.
I win surely suffer, I’m sure.

I flinch as I feel his hand on my thigh and I raise my head to look at him, he’s smiling at me.
I return the smile with my heart beating fast before I turn to the window once again.

We drive pass global tech and once again, I couldn’t help but to think about Alexander.
He seems to be appearing in every of my thoughts.

Could he be worried about me right now? Could he be looking for me like his life depends on it or could he just let me live thus miserable life of mine.

I sigh once again and I probably didn’t notice but the car comes to an abrupt stop and I breathe out, preparing myself for the worse thing come.
It’s either to die or live.

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The guard opens the door, staring ahead and I notice that Sebastian is on a phone call, I use the opportunity to walk gently plout of the car, ensuring that the guard isn’t paying much attention to me before I take on my heels and I stay running off. Letting my legs lift me.

“Stop her! ”
I hear yells from behind and my breathing gets even more harder as I try to move faster, running into the direction of god knows where.

“Ahhh!! ”
I yell at I get someone pull me to a direction and when I raise my head, I’m meet with blue orbs.
Without thinking twice about it, I get into his arms and throw my arms around his torso. Breathing him in.