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Daddy’s Girl Episode 63

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Episode 63

Ivy’s POV

I sat before the cops at the police station.

“You shouldn’t be coming here often miss Ivy, you might be traced by these people.” The cop sitting before me said.

“I know…I’ll probably not come again after this, I just want to tell you this, it will be helpful in your investigation.” She said.

“Fine, tell us.” One of the cops said.

“Kyle had two friends who are members of the same gang with him, their names are Kian and Jace.” She said

One of the cops scribbled what I assume to be the names I just mention in a book.

“Thanks for the information. ” The cop sitting before me said and I stood.

The one standing said; “Did Kyle offended you?”

“He is my boyfriend. I just want to be honest and let you know that I’m not in support of crime in case the law catches up on him.”

“Alright! ” the cop said standing said and I walked away.

—-At Night—-

I was watching a movie in my room when the window got broken all of a sudden.

I was scared, I turned towards the window and someone jumped in.

Before I could search for my phone to call the cops , the person had stretched his gun to me.

“I saw you enter the station, you sni-tch!” The person said.

The voice did not sound in anyway like that of Kyle.

They have started to monitor me for real, I should have being careful.

“Any last word before I kill you.” The person said.

“Please don’t kill me, I went to tell the cops a different thing, please.” I lied.

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“Thief reporting thieves.” Those were the last words I heard before I heard and felt a gunshot at my stomach.

Kian’s POV

I paced around my room, it’s being a while that I had set my eyes on Kaden.

Even if he want to travel , he should tell me at least. I was really disturbed. I hope he hasn’t hurt himself.

“Kian! Are you alright?” Jace asked as he appeared behind me.

“I can’t find Kaden, I don’t know where he could be.” I complained.

Jace thought for a while and said; “Did you not tell us that Kaden was jailed by Adam Seth just because he was in a relationship with Chloe?”

“That’s right.” I replied.

“Hmm! And Kaden confessed the truth to Chloe recently right? And even told her to ask her father?” Jace asked.

“That’s….right. But what are you insinuating?”

“I have a feeling that Adam Seth might have kidnapped your brother.” He said.

“Kidnap Kaden? For what? Kaden is no more in a relationship with Chloe, so?…or…you might be right….maybe because he told Chloe the truth about her past.”



Jace, Kyle and I broke inside Adam Seth’s house at night.

We had defeated all guards who tried to stand in our way.

we are more skilled than all of those guards guiding Adam Seth.

Our faces are covered and we had promised not to converse with each other so we would not get implicated.

Adam Seth had heard our voices in one way or the other before.

I ordered Kyle into Adam Seth’s room, to keep him mute till I confirm if my brother is with him or not.

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I sent Jace to Chloe, to ensure she never make any move of calling the cops.

While I searched for my brother.

After searching for a while, due to the nature of the job I do, I could suspect and disern where someone is kept when kidnapped.

I went straight to where my intuitions led me and I broke the room mercilessly.

I found my brother in the dark room and untied him. I helped him out of the room

“How were you able to find out where I was?” He asked.

“When we get home, we will talk about it.” I said and jerked back when I heard a voice behind me.

“I doubt if you can get home.” The person said. It was Adam Seth. He was holding a gun.