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Married To A Millionaire. Episode 10 – 11

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????♥️ Married to
Millionaire ????
♥️(Blackmailed into marriage)????
••••••••••written by
Afekoro Naomi ????

Romance ♥️. Betrayal ????. Deceit????.

???? Episode (10) Ten♥️
Miranda ????
I clutched my cheeks as the ugly duckling inclined her head to the right, probably daring me with her eyes. I raised my hand, trying to hit her back but she was quick to stop me. She held me steady and pushed me back as I lost my balance and landed on a heap on the floor.

She shut the door in my face and I heard her chuckling. Well she dealt with the wrong person and am gonna deal with her.

I got into my car and sped off,not knowing where exactly to go. Shawn made a fool of me but am not gonna sit back and watch it go on.
By the time Betty was through with Cassandra’s makeover,she was looking extremely beautiful and older than the eighteen years old girl. “Thanks Betty.” I said and without waiting for a reply from her,I began walking out of the building as several workers bowed and gave way for us.

“Can I ask a question?” She asked as soon as the driver sped off. “Go on.” I replied and she sighed.

“Why do you need a wife? I thought you had a girlfriend?” She asked and I almost chuckled. I still don’t know why everyone thinks Miranda and I are an item.

“I don’t.” I replied bluntly as she scoffed, probably in disbelief but I don’t care. She has no right to know anything about I and my family.
The car rode into the spacious compound which housed my home. I could see the surprise written on her face but that’s barely my concern. For now,she needs to meet my parents.

We walked into the house hand in hand as I drew her closer to myself. “Don’t do anything stupid. Pretend like we’re madly in love with each other.” I whispered as she nodded.

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“Fine. Can you let go of me now?” She asked as I scoffed. “Part of our acting.” I said between gritted teeth before placing a kiss on her cheek.

Cassandra ♥️
I gasped as his lips touched my cheeks but why did he do that? I asked myself as a young lady walked down the stairs. “Oh I see you’re home. Your wh*re almost went Gaga looking for you.” She said as Shawn sighed.

“Brianna is dad in?” He asked and she nodded before looking at me. Oh she’s actually his sister? I took in her appearance before Shawn pulled me up.

He knocked on a door and we heard a faint”come in”.

“Oh! Shawn.” The older version of Shawn said as walked deeper into the bedroom. He sat up on the bed with a nurse beside him.

“Where’s Martina? Isn’t she supposed to stay next to you?” Shawn asked as the man’s eyes zeroed on me.

Only if he knows the reason am here,he wouldn’t look at me like that. He’s probably thinking am a gold digger.

“She’s out on a business meeting.” He replied as Shawn scoffed.

“Dad meet Cassandra Jones,my girlfriend and wife to be.” Shawn introduced as the man’s face dropped.

He stared at me like he’d seen a ghost and I wonder why.

“Her name is Cassandra Jones?” He asked and I nodded.

“This can’t be happening,no no” he screamed as he fainted on his bed.

????♥️ Married to
Millionaire ????
♥️(Blackmailed into marriage)????
••••••••••written by
Afekoro Naomi ????

Romance ♥️. Betrayal ????. Deceit????.

???? Episode (11) Eleven♥️
“Dad! Dad!” I called and turned to look at Cassandra. She stood stiff, motionless, looking as I pulled dad into a sitting position before rushing into the bathroom to retrieve a smelling salt from his cabinet.

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I shoved it under his nose and Immediately,he sneezed and regained consciousness. “What’s wrong dad?” I asked as his eyes zeroed on Cassandra again.

“I finally found her. Finally.” He whispered as I turned to look at Cassandra. “What do you mean? Huh?” I asked as he smiled.

“Where’s Dora?” He asked, totally ignoring my question as Cassandra’s eyes grew larger. “You knew my mom?” She asked in a small voice, barely audible.

“Ye_yes, where’s she, tell me.” He urged as she sighed. “I don’t know. She_ she left when I was a kid.” She replied as dad’s head hung low. “it’s all my fault. It_ it’s my fault.” He said as a maid knocked and walked in.

“Lunch is served.” She said as we nodded. Lunch is the last thing on my mind. I needed to know why he was staring at her so much.

“Dad who’s Dora?” I asked and he smiled bitterly. “She was my ex, first love but_” the door Burst opened revealing Martina as she walked in.

“The doctor gave a order not to miss lunch,if you’d excuse him he has to eat now.” She said and I swear I almost hit her across the face but I held myself back.

Somehow, she’s right. We all walked down the stairs, heading to the dinning when we ran into Dylan. He had his head buried in his phone and barely whispered a ‘sorry’ when he bumped into Cassandra.

I pulled him back and immediately,anger flashed through his eyes. What!? Is he angry? I asked myself as he tried pulling free.

“You bumped into someone,not a pole.” I cautioned but he only scoffed. “She sure looks like a pole.” He replied, looking at Cassandra from her head to her toes before my fist connected with his jaw.

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“Say that about her again,then you’ll be sorry for your life.” I threatened and pulled her away.
Cassandra ♥️
“I want everyone to meet Cassandra Jones,my girlfriend and soon to be wife.” He introduced and I saw an elderly woman gasp. She looked at me in the eyes as tears formed in hers.

“Jerry? Doesn’t she reminds you of someone?” She asked and I was surprised for the second time today.

What does she mean and who is she? I asked myself, looking at her as she sighed. “Of course she does.” He replied as I turned to look at Shawn.

“Mom,do you know her?” He asked as realization hit me. He has a different mom? Oh now I understand. I looked at the lady sitting beside his dad she kept a straight face and was least Interested in me.

“Where’s Dora?” His mom asked as I sighed. “I really don’t know. She_ she left.” I stuttered as she sighed.

“It’s alright darling. Welcome to the family.” She said and I smiled for the first time that day.

At least she doesn’t hate me. It’s a good start.
Hannah ❤️
My cellphone rang for the third time this evening and I noticed Chad’s expression change. It was Allison my boss at the office.

“Yeah. But I won’t be chanced.” I said, turning down his invitation to a dinner party.

“Alright.” I ended the call and turned to look at Chad. His eyes were fixed here but it held anger.

“What’s wrong?” I asked as he began walking up the stairs. “I know it’s your boss,quit the act and give him a chance already.” He said as I gasped.

Is he serious? I placed the phone on the table and followed him up. Who knows he might have an explanation to his statement.


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