December 2, 2023

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Haunted. Episode 13

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Episode 13

Nathan’s POV

I was weak that I could hardly stand, it’s surprising that her powers worked on me this time.

I was trying to stand from the ground outside the classroom that I had crashed to but I couldn’t.

After few seconds of fruitlessly struggling to stand , an image formed beside me and on gazing well, it was that of Nessa Myers.

“You seem to be so heartless, why would you crush me this bad?” I asked weakly. I was still laid on the floor while she stood before me starting at me.

“Where did you get this diagram?” She showed me a sheet and after I had checked well, I saw that it was that of her father that I had drawn.

“Oh! Who is this person to you?” I asked referring to the image drawn

“My father, I still recognize him, where did you meet with him?” She asked.

“Well, the man you call your father is still alive and is searching for you.” I replied.

“Really? Still alive?” She asked as she knelt beside me with a serious look.

“Yes…heal me and I will tell you more.” I said feeling frustrated for not being able to stand.

“First, do you know where he is?” She asked.

“If you heal me, I will not only tell you where he is but take you there.” I said and she looked around before stretching her two hands on my chest.

She mumbled some spell and I felt cold all of a sudden, I feel strengthened and was now able to stand.

She looked at me gently this time, it was like that of someone that needs something earnestly from me.

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“How about the girl?” I asked referring to the lady she was trying to sacrifice her soul to whoever.

“She’s still alive.” She replied.

“Let her go , please.” I pleaded.

“Where is my father?” She asked ignoring my question.

“At the bush, I use to see your soul there though, always seeking for my help.” I said.

“I don’t understand what you are talking about. ” She replied.

“I will tell you where your father is but first release that girl.” I said.

“This is your second request, I need to sacrifice that girl to the master plus I think my parents are dead..” She said.

“The master is not who you think he is, he is evil, he would kill you at the end of the day. Your father is earnestly looking for you. I will take you to him if you let the girl go.” I said and she sighed.

She went to the dark classroom and came back few minutes later with the lady, the lady was only looking like someone that had just woken up from sleep.

“Let’s go now.” I said to Nessa Myers.

She agreed and we both took off to the bush in search of her father.