March 30, 2023

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My V Husband. Chapter 30

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My V Husband.

Chapter 30

Rose’s POV

I was inside the room with Brandon, he looked lost and silly.

“Brandon! Are you alright?” I asked.

“No, I can’t seem to understand what is going on with me. I can’t place it but I know I’m sick somewhere.”

“Oh!” I exclaimed not knowing what to say

“I miss Ethan, I think I’ll be going back to him.”

“Why? He does not miss you, he did not even like you…just forget him.”

“You can’t understand Brandon. You are just a robot, you do not know what it means to be in love, do you?”

He just starred into my face.

“But I act as your husband, I’ll do all what he should do to.” He said.

“Just because you can make love doesn’t mean you can do all that my husband can. First, my husband is a human while you are a robot. I love my husband but I didn’t love you. I care so much about my husband but you are a robot that can get distablized anytime, I don’t care for you as much as I do for my husband. ”

“Basically, my limitations now is that I’m a robot ,isn’t it?”

I chuckled. “Not just that…even if you are a human, you can’t be my type plus I’m not the type of human that would cheat on my husband.”

He nodded and walked inside the bathroom.

I sunk to the bed and continuing thinking about Ethan, our life before marriage.

I thought he’s being responsible when he insist that we should not make love until marriage, that even made me love him more. I never knew that we wouldn’t even make love after marriage.

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Brandon walked in, he was only on his play p@-nt, I stood upright and I saw skin covered him.

The robot I once rear when I was with my mom had a zip in his back that covered the engine he was made of.

Plus his body structure is not fully like that of a human but Brandon’s own is different.

He looks hot and exactly like a human. His looks is intimidating.

Those who built him did a great job for him to even be able to make love.

“I went to bath my skin.” He said, smiling.

“I know that robot bath the dirt that must have stucked up in the skin that covered the engines they were made of, what is surprising me is your look, you look exactly like a human.” I complained.

“Isn’t that how we are built, to look exactly like a human and to be able to relate with humans.” He said

“True though. Kudos to those that built you.” I said and let my head fall back to bed.

He crawled to the bed and was crawling on me when I stood and pushed him away lightly.

“What are you trying to do?”

“We haven’t completed what we started then, allow me deflower you.” He said.

“No…it’s really ridiculous for a robot to deflower me plus I’m beginning to feel uncomfortable around you. Do robots get hørny too?”

“I’m not hórny.” He replied.

“So why are you trying to make love with me?”

“Just trying to satisfy you but if you did not want it, it’s cool.” He said and went to sit.

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Have I hurt him?