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Arrogant Maid. Chapter 27

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Arrogant Maid.

Chapter 27

Scott’s POV

She finally ran out of the cinema and I watched her leave. If only I had caught her. I walked back to my sit.

I’ve forgotten for the few seconds that I was chasing Brenda that Bella was seated.

“If you had caught her, what will you have done for her?”Bella asked.

” Deal with her of course, can’t you hear the silly things she was saying?”

“No. What she was saying wasn’t silly. Are we not lovers? ” She asked.

“We were.”

“Aren’t you going to forgive my past?”

“I have forgiven you, but I’ve stopped loving you.” I answered her frankly.

“Then you have not truly forgiven me, not like you have someone you love, why don’t you just let the two of us start to roll together like those days, I promise to be good this time.”

“You can plead with me till forever, even if I’m going to love you, it will take time.”

“I’ll wait then but can we be acting as one already?”

“Oh! Not so soon.”

She nodded and walked sullenly out.

I sighed heavily and rewined the part that I had missed in the movie.

Brenda’s POV

It seems Scott really like Brenda than I. But why? I’m wealthier and more beautiful than her.

She would rather prefer going out with that lowly girl than I, that’s not fair.

If only I get rid of this Brenda.

I walked to her room with an idea flotting in my head.

“Hi Brenda!” I greeted as I stood at the entrance of her room.

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“I don’t want trouble, please leave.” She said and I walked in with some drinks and fried chicken.

“Please have this, I no longer want to have any issue with you, let’s be friend, please.”

Brenda took one of the chicken and began to eat it. “If it’s a poison, I won’t die though.”

I chuckled. “Why would I poison it? We may quarrel but not like killing…never.” I said and she gave me the chiken she was eating

“Eat it too.” She said and I smiled.

I collected it and ate it.

“Did you now beleive I mean well? ” I asked.

“Maybe, can you get me more chickens? She asked as she ate the last one in her hand.

“You really like chicken, I will fry another for you later.” I promised even as she kept eating it deliciously.



“I actually have an offer for you?”

“Okay , tell me.”

“How does $50,000 sounds?”

“A big money, let me have that money and I will go and build an empire.” She said.

“I’ll give you.”

She dropped her chicken on hearing my words.

“Are you for real?” She expressed shock.

“I’m serious. Under one condition.”

“Oh! What is it?”

“You stop working as a maid here.” I said.