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Arrogant Maid. Chapter 94

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Arrogant Maid.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 94

Brenda’s POV

I walked inside the restaurant and went to the large space at the backyard where the party was being held.

Everywhere was beautiful with blue lights, the music blazed loud and I love the view.

Many workers were already sitted, I could see new faces too.

“I’m so glad you came.” A voice said behind me.

I turned and it was the chef.

“One legged man” I greeted him mockingly.

“No one would have known that I had one leg unless the person was there when I was shot. I’m still capable as a man.”He said

” Whatever!” I said and turned away from him.

He came to stand beside me and said; “I have. feeling that tonight’s party would be glorious?”

“Maybe!” I replied briefly and stepped down to the yard.

I want to sit at an empty table and to my surprise, the chef came to sit before me.

“Don’t spoil this party for me, man. I just want to have fun like every workers?” I said.

“Brenda, did you hate me that much? I had told you how much I now love you. Since you did not have a boyfriend, give me a chance. I have changed for good sincerely?” He said and I smirked dryly.

“You will do me a lot of good if you leave me right now.” I said and he stare at me for a while.

He stood and said; “Brenda, I really love you?”

I only looked away and he left.

I sighed.

Nonsense, see him confessing that he loved me when he could have rã-ped me if not for Scot that came to save me.

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The party began and every where was blazing hot.

It was events upon events and it was so beautiful.

We finally got to a section of the programme where we two people had to come out and play a game, whoever wins must kiss the other party.

The coordinator was the one to choose, the coordinator’s eye set at me and I quickly looked away.

“Please come forward.”He flashed his light on me and I walked forward.

I must win this game cause I can not stand kissing someone that is not Scot.

What if the chef was called out? that would be horrible

The man called a man out, it wasn’t the chef and I let out a sigh of relieve, I have never seeing the man before but his walking posture was familiar.

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