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Haunted. Episode 15

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Episode 15

Master Dada’s POV

It’s late again and Nessa Myers haven’t return. What’s wrong again today? I drove to her school and just like I had expected, the school is closed and empty.

Could it be this silly Nathan? But he was so bruised yesterday, I doubt if he can go to school but checking on his place would not be a bad idea.

I drove to his house and it was locked. I didn’t meet anyone at home. I was so frustrated and angry.

He’s not here, Nessa Myers is not here too.

Where could they have gone too?

I was feeling so disturbed. I decided to check the bush that I had kept Nessa Myers soul to confirm if everything is still intact.

I drove straight to the bush, on arriving there, I stepped down and walked inside the bush.

I casted my spells so I can know the direction I buried Nessa Myers soul.

The bush is supernatural and it changes everyday.

I walked towards the haunted and I was stunned when I saw someone at the entrance of the house.

What! How did anyone find this place?

I walked swiftly to the place and on getting there, I saw that silly boy; Nathan.

“You probably know we are here with your evil powers.” He said and a man walked out of the house to join him too.

I recognize the man immediately to be Nessa Myers father. I kidnapped his daughter from him seven years ago.

“You are so evil…you kidnap my daughter and kept her soul with the ghosts.” Her father said.

“You should have forgotten about your daughter and move on. Now, I fear that I may have to sacrifice both of your soul to the ghosts.” I threatened and Nathan laughed.

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“I don’t think you can do anything, we should be the one threatening you. Tell us where exactly you bury Nessa Myers soul and we will let you go peacefully.” Nathan said and I smiled.

I casted spell under my breathe and stretched my hand to Nathan, he flew and crashed inside the bush.

“Don’t you have conscience at all?” Her father asked.

“Maybe, I’m more concerned about my mission.” I stretched my hand to the man and he rolled away to the floor.

Having defeated both of them, I ran to the exact place that I buried Myer’s soul and begin to cast spell to conjur her out so I can confirm if she is still there or not.

Her soul showed up before me and I smiled. I’m happy its still buried and under my custody.

“Please free me.” Her soul pleaded and I grinned.

“No, I need her body, you stay with the ghost.” I said and she suddenly flew away from me.

I turned my head and saw Nathan smiling and holding Nessa Myers soul.

How did he do that?

I stood and watched him.

“You….how….” I stuttered.

“Don’t be stunned, she’s now ours and its returning back to her real body.” Nathan said.

I casted spells angrily and stretches my hand to Nathan but Nessa Myers soul charges towards me and knocked me down.

Nathan’s POV

Myer’s father restored her soul back to her body and she woke.

I helped her off the floor.

“What’s going on? Who are you? ” She asked.

“I’m Nathan, your classmate. Here is your dad. Your soul have just been restored to your body. It will take time for you to recover all that had happened in your past, just trust us and follow us home.” I said carefully and she agreed.

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She can’t seem to recollect all that had happened in the past, all that happened to her were stored in the soul that was functioning in her.

Now that the soul has left and her own soul has returned, she is bound to have a temporary loss of memory.

I’m glad she recovered.