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MVH. Chapter 32

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My V Husband

Chapter 32

Rose’s POV

I couldn’t stop thinking of what Ethan’s mom said.

Ethan and I arrived home and sat before each other. We were just staring at each other.


“Yes…It’s the more reason why I told you that disobeying my mom might not be good for me.”

“But…just because of what happened then doesn’t mean she should order you and your sister not to make love with your spouse.” I said.

Ethan sighed.

“If we are going to last longer in this relationship, you need to like romance.” I said to him while he just kept mute.

I walked to him and sat on his laps, he jerked back like a shit touched him.

“Be calm, I now understand where you are coming from. When a wife sits on her husband’s lap, it makes her happy. Don’t you want me to be happy?”

“Of course, of course.” He stuttered like someone feeling so uncomfortable but I’m not ready to stand from his l—–ap.

I played a Nicki’s song and began to give Ethan a l—–ap dance.

He just sat still like a ghost, it was like I was performing some rituals before him.

I sat back on his la——ps and touched his beards.

“They are beautiful!” I complimented and tears dropped from his eyes.

“Why are you crying?”

“The way you touch my beards is making feel so emotional.”

“Oh! ” I chuckled. “What If I now touch your stuff?”

He screamed and quickly covered his mouth.

“What is it?” I asked.

“Touch my thing?” He repeated. “I always see it as something sacred that should be treasured”

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“It’s of course sacred, but to other ladies not to your wife.” I said and began to unb——utto-n his shirt.

I loosened the first three but—-ton and his hai—–ry chest got expo—-sed.

He arched his brow in shock as he exchanged glances between my hand on his chest on my face.

“Ouch! Huuu!” He sough as I played with his chest. I loved how hairy it is.

Ever since we got married, it’s my first time of playing with my husband’s chest.

I know better to take it slowly with him, he lives in a world that is far fetched from rómance.

I will teach him. It might take time , but I believe he will grasp it all.

“Do you like it?” I asked as he sough louder in pleasure.

“Baby, you may kill me with the way you are touching me.”

I laughed. “No, you aren’t going to die.” I said as I loosened all the bottons of his chest.

His pack were fitting and awesome.

I placed my mouth on his na——vel and kissed it softly.

He pushed me up gently and fell to the tiled floor and began to rub his navel as he lay on the floor.

“This is too sweet!” He began to rub his nave—-l that I had kissed with his eyes closed as he sough in pleasure.