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The Accidental Bride. Chapter 2

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The Accidental bride

Written by Feathers

Chapter 2

Elizabeth’s POV

I walked inside the room that Mr. Ashley Romeo is. I was indeed nervous.

“Ella, what took you so long.” His voice came through and I turned my head wondering if he was not informed that his bride won’t be coming.

“Hey! I’m not Ella.” I said in my mind but I couldn’t mutter the statement out.

He didn’t even look at my face, he just held my hand and at the sound of the MC , we walked before the crowd.

I had been dressed in a beautiful bridal gown by his men.

On getting to the stage, we went to sit at the little house always built for couple in marriage.

After series of events, we were called out to stand before each other before everyone.

“Mr. Romeo, do you agree to take Miss Ella as your wife?” The man asked.


“You can now kiss your bride.” The man said and Mr. Ashley Romeo unveiled me and expressed shock.

“Huh? Is this Ella?” He asked seemingly confused.

I shook my head.

“Your wife ran away and I was asked to represent her so you won’t be brought to shame.” I explained in a whisper.

“What! How can I kiss a stranger? ” He exclaimed.

“We are waiting Mr Romeo, don’t be shy.” The MC said.

Mr. Romeo looked around and saw that all the crowds attention were on him.

“It’s my first kiss, how can I give it to a stranger?” He whispered.

When I saw that the people were beginning to suspicious, I moved my head to his, grabbed his head and kissed him softly.

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Yummy! His lips are so sweet and beautiful.