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The Accidental Bride. Chapter 80-91

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The Accidental Bride.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 80

Elizabeth’s POV

Following morning, I had dressed in my cute green gown and was looking smart.

“Ready?” Mr Ashley Romeo asked.

“I think so.” I answered and followed him to where his car was outside.

He entered the driver’s seat.

“Why don’t you let your drivers do the driving?” I asked.

“Privacy!” He replied and I walked in.

He began to drive and we were both quiet.

“Everywhere is just dull, play a music, man.” I said to him.

“No.” He replied but I ignored him.

I played a music and began to sing along with the music.

I realized that the car came to an halt and I looked through the window, I saw that we had arrived at a very big shopping mall.

I paused the music.

He got down and I did the same.

“This is big, wow!” I said as I adored the place

“Mr Ashley Romeo, would you buy clothes for yourself too?” I asked.

“No.” He replied and I just glanced at him indifferetly.

This one that he is answering like a robot, hope he’s not up to another test

We arrived at the mall and he told me to pick all the clothes I want, what shocked me most were the expensive tags on this clothes.

Will Mr Ashley Romeo really be able to pay for all these clothes?

Well, his wealth is so great.

I picked as many clothes as possible and dragged it in the large basket to where he stood.

Someone spank my @ss from behind all of a sudden, I turned angrily and saw a man chuckling like it was just fun.

I wanted to throw a slap to his face but something tell me he will beat the hell out of me.

“Did he just spank your @ss?”Mr Ashley Romeo asked.

” Yes!” I answered and Mr Ashely Romeo’s face turned red for the first time.
His eyes sparkle like he was ready to burn.

He walked to the man and held him by the collar.

He made him fall to the floor. The man tried to fight back but Mr Ashley Romeo was too strong for him.

The securities around came and when they saw that it was Mr Ashley Romeo, they took steps back.

Mr Ashley romeo used the man’s head to brush the wall of the mall and his head began to spill blood.

“Don’t ever try that again.” Mr Ashley Romeo warned the man that spãnked my a-ss, who was now bleeding heavily

He walked to me and took me in my wrist to a different room.

Did he care for me or what am I seeing?;

The Accidental Bride.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 81

Elzabeth’s POV

I stood inside a different room in the mall with Mr Ashley Romeo, his face had calmed and he was now staring at the clothes hung around.

“Mr Ashley Romeo! you almost killed the man cause he spank my @ss?” I asked.

“Molestation.” He replied and walked away from me.

Why has he been replying me with one word, this man is just so weird.

I followed and said; “I’m done buying the clothes.”

“0202.” He said and handed over his credit card to me.

He sat on a seat nearby.

I understood that what he just said were codes to allow me pay money with his card.

“What is 0202?” I asked just to make him speak, the way he wass answering me with one words is really making me angry.

“Code.” He answered and crossed his legs.

“Code!” I repeated like I did not understand what he was talking about.

“What is code?” I asked.

“Dictionary.” He answered and I understood that he was insulting me to check the dictionary for the meaning of code but I still pretended like he was talking nonsense.

“Code….dictionary, what does that mean?” I asked.

“Fool!” He said and stood.

He collected the card from me and walked out of the room, I followed him.

What sort of man is this man?

He went ahead and paid for all that I had bought with his card.

He then started walking out.

“How will I drag all these clothes with me?” I asked.

He put a call across to someone and a lady in her late twenties appeared.

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She helped me with the luggage

We arrived at Mr Ashley Romeo’s car and the lady helped me arrange the cloth at Mr Ashley Romeo’s booth.

She left and I got inside the car. I was on the seat beside him.

“Why are you speaking one word?” I asked him.

“Discipline.”He answered and started to drive.

I didn’t even know how I continue speaking to him , what’s all this one words all about.

After I arrived home, he tried to walk inside but I stopped him with my words.

” I can’t carry all this luggage by myself.”

“Sam.”He answered and walked inside.

I understood that he meant that I should call Sam and tell him to help me, I called Sam and he helped me carry all the clothes inside.

I sunk on the chair frustratingly.

” Your final test Elizabeth, you must only speak one word to reply everyone you talk to for seven days.” Mr Ashley Romeo said.

The Accidental Bride.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 82

Elizabeth’s POV

I turned back at Mr Ashley Romeo in surprise.

Speaking one word to make request and one word to answer all questions for seven days?

This man just has misplacements of priorities, how does that makes me a better wife.

“I just demonstrated to you when we went shopping that it’s possible?” He said with his firm look.

“When will it start?” I asked.

“Now!” He answered and I furrowed my brow.

This is serious.

“Don’t forget that my friend’s party is taking place this night, so pick the best of your clothes to wear.” He said and walked away.

I sat back properly and thought to myself; Will I or will I not pass this test?

No, I must try to pass the test, is it not just to speak one word for seven days.

No problem.

Mr Ashley Romeo was dressed in a short shirt and a blue trouser, he wasn’t dressing corporate as usual and I understand since he was going to a birthday party not office

I had dressed well too, I walked to the living room an saw him adjusting his tie.

As soon as he sighted me, he checked his watch and said; “We are just in time, let’s go.”

I nodded and followed him inside the car.

It was Sam that drove, Mr Ashley Romeo and I were at the back seat of the car.

“You look sweet.” He said but I acted dumb.

“Elizabeth, did you hear that?” He asked but I acted dumb still.

I will become his wife either he likes it or not.

“Well, seems you are not in the mood to talk.” Mr Ashley Romeo said and didn’t say any more word till we arrive at the venue of his friend’s party.

We alighted and the blue light welcomed us.

Some security men there saluted Mr Ashley Romeo on seeing him and escorted him respectfully inside.

The party does not look like the usual party, Many of those present there came with their wives and the music was blazing so soft and cool.

I became nervous and sat with Mr Ashley Romeo.

A man I preseume to be in his early forties walked to us with a beautiful smile.

“Mr Ashley Romeo, wao! I’m so glad you came.” The man said.

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“Thank you!”

“Is this your wife?” The man asked.

“She’s my daughter?”

The Accidental Bride.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 83

Elizabeth’s POV

The man looked confused as he fixed his eyes on me. He was probably trying to measure my age against that of Mr Ashley Romeo.

Mr Ashley Romeo coughed and said; “Just a joke, she’s my wife.”

The man let out a simple sigh and chuckled briefly. “I should have thought it was a joke. ”

He smiled and stretched his hand to me saying; “I’m Mr Bright, CEO of Bright hoscare.

Wao! So this is the man that owns hoscare?

Such an humble man.

I received his hand shake and replied saying; ” Thanks.”

He nodded.

“Please feel comfortable.” The man said and left.

“You should like this place.” Mr Ashley Romeo said but I didn’t even reply with a word.

“Bright is my business partner and a very good friend, he’s the one celebrating his birthday party.” He said but I didn’t even reply.

“But I didn’t say you should become dumb, I only said you should be disciplined enough to reply with one word.

I still didn’t reply.

One of the servers there came to us and faced Mr Ashley Romeo, he asked; ” We are serving salad and pouridge first, alongside apple juice. Should we bring one or two?”

“One.”Mr Ashley Romeo answered and I arched my brow in surprise.

Did he order for himself alone or for both of us?

No, the food must be for me.

The server went and came back with the meal, he served it before Mr Ashley Romeo.

I noticed he took the cutlery to start eating immediately , then I quickly called on the attendant saying; ” Hey!”

The young server turned and fixed his eye on me.

“Is there something I could help you with, ma?” He asked.

“One.” I wanted to say one more food but that will be three words.

“One!” The guy repeated and look confused.

“Food.” I said and pointed at Mr Ashley Romeo’s food.

Mr Ashley Romeo acted like he had no idea what was going on around him, he only fixed his eye on his food and was eating.

“Yes, he told me to bring one food and I brought it.” The young server said trying to understand what I meant.

“Dumb!” I wanted to tell him that he was so dumb and stupid not to quickly understand what I meant.

“Oh! you are dumb? I’m so sorry ma, I’ll get an IPAD, so you can write what you want there.” He said and wanted to turn but Mr Ashley Romeo called him.

“She meant that she is satisfied, she was also trying to thank you for serving me.” Mr Ashley Romeo intentionally said to the man.

“Oh!” The man smiled briefly, looked at me and walked away.
The Accidental Bride

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 84


I felt like scolding Mr Ashley Romeo that he was crazy, why in the world would he not pet me to eat this delicious food being served at a prestigious place like this.

“Crazy!” I said and he raised his head at me.

He continued eating without replying.

“Glutton.”I scolded again ,this time, he did not even raise his head.

After he was done eating, he cleaned his mouth with an handkerchief and let our a brief gasp.

” That was so sweet!” He said.

I gritted my teeth, I felt like punching him.

And that reminds me, if I was with someone else, would he know if I speak more than one word?

Or…I don’t even know if this Mr Ashley Romeo is a mystery, he seems to always be ahead of me.

I won’t play a fast game on him at all, I would be extra careful this time.


We arrived home from the party, I was so angry that I did not eat. But there was nothing to worry about as I have a lot of yogurts inside.

After we got inside, Mr Ashley Romeo put a call across to someone and the person walked in to me, to my surprise, the person placed what he was holding before me and walked away.

I looked at Mr Ashley Romeo wondering what was it about the package.

“Check it!” He said and I checked.

I saw loads of foods there.

“Are they food from the party?” I swear, I almost said that out. God saved me.

I swallowed and looked at his face.

I wanted to ask but how will I ask now.

“Party?” I asked.

“What happen to party?” He requested.

“Food!” I said.

“What is it about food?”

“Join.” I said trying to tell him to join the first word and the second word I said together.

“Join?” He smirked and shook his head.

“Yes, it was the food from the party, you can eat all you want.”He answered.

So he actually understood.

I took the food to the dinning and sat.

Is this how I will be heaving dumb for the next six days, I’m going to work tomorrow , how will I react to those workers?

After I was done eating, I went to the room that Mr Ashley Romeo was.

He was na–kêd.

It was my first time of seeing him that way.

The Accidental Bride.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 85


My mouth dropped in shock, his d—!k was long and fat, I had held it before bur seeing it live gives me goosebumps.

Oh! I would not even allow him to make love with me like before, I only allowed him then because I thought it was another of his test.

“Come over.”He said and I obliged.

I lã-Y beside him and didn’t say a word.

” How about you go nã-ked too?”He asked.

“Why?” I asked angrily.

“I just want us to sleep like husband and wife this night.” He said.

“No.” I rejected.

“No, what?” He asked.

“I’m not going naked.” Those words almost dropped out of my mouth again.

I had opened my mouth, I swallowed the words back.

This Mr Ashley Romeo sure knows how to tempt someone.

He smirked and covered himself with a blanket. It’s obvious he did it intentionally.

“Hate!” I stressed and gritted my teeth.

“Hate? how about that? It’s a word in the dictionary, what about it?” He asked.

“You.” I said pointing to him.

“U is an alphabet, you need to sleep Elizabeth.” He said and I almost cried in frustration.

Why will he put me under this stupid pressure to be acting dumb?

“See, Mr Ashley Romeo, I’m tired of this stupid test of yours, if you want to marry me, go ahead and marry me, if not, let me go, or what nonsense are you playing? I hate you…I’m even leaving, I have enough money to start up with my life already and….don’t ever find me like you use too?” I hissed.

I was only thinking of saying those words but I hissed.

Mr Ashley Romeo hugged me from the back and kissed my nëck.

I let out a soft mø-an and turned to him.

I looked at his firm but handsome face and thought of what I can so to really hurt him.

I moved my lips to his and we locked up in kiss, my goal was not to kiss him but to bite his lips.

I bite his lips and he grøaned slightly in pain.

I disengaged the kiss and saw blood flowing down his lïps.

I was scared of what he may do to me seeing that I just hurt him.

He touched his lips and scowled at the blood.

He stood and walked out.

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The Accidental Bride.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 86


I sat upright cause I was uneasy, Mr Ashley Romeo walked in with a bright face, I was expecting a very angry one.

“I should f—!k you as punishment.” He said.

“Huh!” I exclaimed.

“Yeah, do you have any objections?” He asked and held his long fat d—!k.

“Yes.” I answered.

He then came to me and sat beside me.

“Which is?” He asked.

I wanted to give a detailed explanation on why he can not make love with me but I remembered I can only utter a word.

“Rã-pe.” I said.

“Rape! what happened to it?” He asked.

“Me!” I said.


“Consent.”I shook my head and he smirked.

” You think I will be forcing you to make love with you?” He asked.

“Yes.” I answered.

He stroke his d—!k more and it began to gain more strength.

“Shameless.” I scolded.

“I’m not disturbed, I can be shameless before my wife, it’s all good, would you s—–ück this?” He asked.

“Bite!” I said and gritted ny teeth.

I was insinuating that if my mouth touches that thing he is holding, I will bite it

“Fine, come and bite me.” He dared me.

I stood from the bed and knelt before him, I held his bã-Lls in my hand and played with it first before staring at the big d—-!k and how I can bite it off.

” Bite!” I said again and gritted my teeth.

“Since you want to bite it, go ahead” He reiterated.

Why is he not scared?

I stood and sat back.

“Why didn’t you bite it again?”

“Weird!” I answered.

“You must bite it.” He ordered.

I knelt angrily and put his d—-!k inside my mouth, I could not bite it cause he would just die for nothing.

I tried to see if I can bite it but I do not have the verve, I took my mouth from his d—-!k and slapped the head of his silly d—!k.

“Ouch!” He scowls in pain.

“Elizabeth, let’s f—-!k, I’m hørny.” He said

“Freezer!” I answered.

“Huh! ” He asked.

That one word test was making my life so boring so I shouted ; “Put it inside the freezer!”

“What! you just spoke more than one word?” He asked.

“Yes, I did…so, you won’t marry me again. You never loved me though, I’m leaving your house!” I said

The Accidental Bride.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 87

Mr Ashley Romeo watched me as I walked out. I walked to my room and started packing my luggage.

It was late at night but I don’t care, I have little money with me.

As I carried my luggage out, I saw Mr Ashley Romeo standing.

I hissed and started dragging my luggae out but he held unto my wrist.

“Are you frustrated that you are speaking one word or because I did not make you my genuine wife?” He asked.

“Both!” I answered.

“What did you want?” she questioned.

“Marry me as your wife Mr Ashley Romeo so I can be as powerful as you.” I said.

“What is marriage without love?” He asked.

“You did not love me and you did not want me to go? did you see that you are confused Mr Ashley Romeo, you did not love me and you almost killed someone for slapping my @ss, anyway, we will manage the love I have for you.” I said.

“If you truly love me, why do you want to leave me? you always make an attempt to leave anytime we have issue, are you going to be like that after we had genuinely married?” He asked.

“No, I’ll be a good wife, trust me. I will bore your baby and we will live a happy life.” I answered.

He watched me for a while and said; “I’ll marry you.”

“Genuinely?” I asked.

“Yes.” He said and I became happy.

“But why? why did you suddenly changed your mind?” I asked.

“I was planning on marrying you at the right time, though but since you want it earlier than I have planned , it’s all good.” He said.

“Okay…so when are we marrying?”
I questioned.

“Drop your luggage first and let’s discuss.” He said and I nodded.

I went to drop my luggae and by the time I came out, he was already sitting on the couch so I sat before him.

“So, when are we marrying? I want it to be quick.” I said.

“Same here, I already drafted and prepared everything.” He said and raised a document up.

“This document is all we need to sign and then, we will marry, the document contains the date we would marry as well as how our wedding will be cordinated.” He said.

He handed over the document to me and I collected it.

I was anxious to see the date.

I quickly opened and read that the date If our wedding, it was 10th of March, I was happy.

But what year?

I scanned the book and saw that the year there was ten years to come.

The Accidental Bride.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 88

Elizabeth’s POV

“Me Ashley Romeo, I think something is wrong with my eye!” I said and scrubbed my eye.

“What are you talking about?” He asked.

“Like…I saw that the marriage will take place in the next ten years so I belived I must have seen the wrong thing.” I let out.

“Oh! Come over!” He said and I went to him.

He was sitting and I was standing before him.

“Sit on my l-&ap.” He said and I sat without thinking.

He placed his hands on my eyes and blew it gently.

“What are you doing Mr Ashley Romeo?”I questioned.

” Blowing the düst on your face.” He answered.

“What! are we really going to marry in the next ten years?” I asked.

“That’s what the document says.” He answered.

“Why don’t you just allow me to leave when I wanted too.” I asked.

“I do not want you to talk about leaving, everytime again, will you try?” He asked.

“Well, marry me first and I won’t think of leaving you anymore.” I answered.

“What is your definition of marriage, Elizabeth?”

“Well, we will celebrate our wedding and invite many rich people, everyone in the world will know that we are married.” I answered.

“But we can marry genuinely privately.” He said.

“It’s not what I want, I don’t trust you Mr Ashley Romeo.” I said.

He made me stood from him and said; “You really want marriage right?” He asked.

“It’s the only thing I want.”

“But you didn’t even pass my test, anyway, we would be getting wedded genuinely in the next thirty days. We will start preparing since today.” He said and I smiled.

“Now you are talking, Mr Ashley Romeo.” I said and played with his chin.

“The fashion designers and makeovers will be coming here tomorrow, discuss extensively how you want things to go for them, choose a perfect gown for the designer ad let her get it for you, I’ll be working on my own side too.” He said and I was so elated.

“This is the Mr Ashley Romeo I want. So…erm…after we marry, you will give me access to all you have right?” I asked.

“Elizabeth, you already have access to all I had, you just don’t know it.” He answered.

“How? when? where? with your workers maltreating me?” I questioned.

The Accidental Bride.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 89

Elizabeth’s POV

-Followng day-

Mr Ashley Romei had gone to work and I had just get dressed ready to leave for work when a woman and some ladies walked in, they all looked beautiful.

“Good morning.” I greeted them as I tied my watch to my wrist.

“Good morning, Mrs Romeo..Mr Romeo told us you will be getting wedded in the next 29 days, please let’s discuss on the type of gown and cake you’d want on that day.” The woman said.

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“Oh! have your sit.” I said to the woman and her girls.

I was happy that Mr Ashley Romeo took what he said very seriously.

The woman and I discussed extensively and after two hours, she left.

I was glad, in the next thirty days, I’ll be legally known all over the world as the wife of Mr Ashley Romeo.

And if he thinks of deceiving him, I will leave his house and never come back again.

I checked my watch and wondered if going to work will be suitable that day.

Well, I had still be able to do some works, I walked out and saw Sam playing a mouth Organ.

I walked to him and said; “Young man! drive me to work.”

He turned to me and gaped at me, he checked the time on his phone and said; “Are you going to work or going to see someone?”

I gritted my teeth and I felt like knocking his small head.

“You will be the first person I’d sacked once I have the power too. Are you driving me or I should phone Mr Ashley Romeo that you refused?” I asked and he stood.

He went to the car and got in.

I got in too.

“Don’t threaten be next time, Mr Ashley Romeo won’t do anything even if you tell him cause he believes you are clumsy and not suitable as his wife.” He said.

“Why did you drive me then? you should stayed and watched.” I said and hissed.

After we arrived at Mr Ashley Romeo’s company, I said; “Mark my words, I’ll be firing you myself in the next thirty days.”

“I can’t wait.” He turned to me and said.

I got off angrily and took an elevator to my floor, I walked to the head of department and said proudly; “Sorry I came late, I was busy with the preparation of my wedding with Mr Ashley Romeo.”

Everyone in the office laughed mockingly hard at me.

The Accidental Bride.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 90

Elizabeth’s POV

I do not understand what the laughter was for.

“Well, sad to tell you that you will still have to serve punishment for coming late.” He said but I didn’t say a word.

I do have a plan of getting to them after I become the genuine wife of Mr Ashley Romeo.

“Stand there for two hours.”The head of department ordered.

I sighted Mr Ashley Romeo coming out of an hallway at that moment , I expected him to be indifferent around me as usual but he canme to me.

” Elizabeth.” He called my name and hugged me.

I was extremely shocked.

“Are you alright?” He asked.

I couldn’t speak for the first few seconds, I recovered from the shock of his reactions and said; “Is it Mr Ashley Romeo?”

“Sure!” He answered

“Erm…he told me to stand here for two hours.” I reported to him.

Mr Ashley Rimei raised his head at the head of department and said; “She’s my wife, let her be.”

“Alright sir.” The head of department quickly said politely.

Really? He just called me his wife? Before everyone.


“He has released you, you can go ahead and commence working?” Mr Ashley Romeo said.

As I walked slowly to where my seat was, he calledl; “Elizabeth!”

I walked to him; “Kiss me!”


I looked around and saw that everyone present was watching us.

I couldn’t move my head, I just nodded.

He kissed my lips softly and handed something over to me.

“Code is 3131, enjoy your day.” He said and walked away.

There were two men in suit already waiting for him at the entrance of the elevator, they escorted him out.

I stood shocked, not understanding what was going on.

I looked what was in my hand and just like I had suspected, it was a credit card.

Mr Ashley Romeo is full of surprises, I was happy that the card was with me.


After work, I got out proudly, everyone now knows that I was the wife of Mr Ashley Romeo, they should beer accord full respect to me from now henceforth.

I took a cab to the bank and on entering, I went straight to the cashier, I gave her the card and said; “Check how much is there first.”

After few minutes, the casheir looked up to me and said; “1.02 million dollar!”

I screamed like I would defecate on my body.

“Everything!” I said and the woman nodded.

The woman withdrew it all and placed a box containing the money before the table.

I checked and confirmed.

I can start a life with this.

But why did Mr Ashley Rineo trusted me with this huge amount of money?

Mr Ashley Romeo said I already have access to all what he has and I just don’t know it.

Hum! I do not have to be too greedy, I already have access to all what he has indeed, I just don’t know it

“Save it back?” I said to the woman.

She collected the money and despotied it back inside Mr Ashley Romeo’s account.

The Accidental Bride.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 91

Elizabeth’s POV

I phoned Sam to come and pick me at the bank and he came in few minutes , I got in and he drove me to Mr Ashley Romeo’s house.

I walked inside and wasn’t surprised to see him watching a football match.

“Mr Ashley Romeo, is that you at the office?” I questioned.

“Come over here and sit.” He said referring to his side.

I went to sit beside him. He looked at my face squarely and said; “At the office today, I called you my wife and kissed you.”

“It’s really you and you gave me your card too.” I said.

“Yes, I do. Use the money in purchasing anything you want.”

“Is the money all for me?” I asked.

“For both of us.” He answered and I nodded.

$1 million is too much money to risk in my hand but he trusted me.

“Hum! I don’t know why you suddenly changed. Before, you will just ignore me like I was nothing.” I said.

“I was only trying to teach you that work is different home, our relationship at home should not affect our relationship at work but you were not getting it, you thought I hated you and didn’t want to associate myself with you.” He said.

“Did you love…no! I mean, do you like me?” I asked.

“Sure, that is why you have been around me all this while.” He answered.

“Do you love me?” I asked.

He looked away and rested on the chair.

“Answer me?” I requested.

“Elizabeth! what do you think? Do you think I love you?” He asked and I thought.

“Yes, Mr Ashley Romeo, judging from your actions.” I answered.

“So be it.” He answered.

“Meaning that you love me? ” I asked.

He stood and said; “I need to take some rest.”

I stood angrily and walked to him! “Just tell me, Mr Ashley Romeo, do you love me?”

I wanted to let him say it.

“I just told you that if you think I love you, then so be it.” He said.

Before I could speak, he added; “A man can tell you he loves you yet cheat on you, his actions had betrayed his words. If you learn to study people’s action and take their words less important, you will be blessed with Peace.” Mr Ashley Romeo kissed me in the lips, smiled faintly and walked to his room.