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The Boss And The Maid. Chapter 2

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❣️❣️❣️THE BOSS ❣️❣️❣️
❣️❣️❣️THE MAID❣️❣️❣️

By: Author Donna

❣️❣️❣️ Chapter 2❣️❣️❣️
〰️ Morena’s POV 〰️
“Riches what’s going on?” The lady asked as the security guards stopped.

“She stole,she’s a thief” riches said as I closed my eyes. I knew I was doomed already.

“She didn’t steal,let her be” the woman said and they all bowed and left. Oh is she the owner of the restaurant?

“So what’s your name dear?” She asked,after I was served a healthy breakfast. “Am Morena” I replied as she smiled.

“Nice name dear,so where do you stay?” She asked as I almost choked on my drink. “Easy sweetheart,easy” she said, patting my back.

“Actually my…….mom send me out of the house” I replied as she gasped. “Your mom? That’s absurd” she said as I bowed my head.

“So where will you be staying,or you don’t have a place to stay” she asked.

Before I could respond,a call came through her phone. “Just employ more,I don’t know what’s wrong with Miguel” she said fraustratedly. I wonder who this Miguel is.

Maybe he’s her son or, well it’s not my business. “Dear…..am really sorry but I have to go, you can come to this address to sleep,I know you have nowhere to go” she said as my eyes watered.

She’s so nice, only if everyone was like her. “But how will I repay you for this kindness?” I asked as she shrugged and walked out.
〰️ Miguel’s POV 〰️
Violet walked in angrily, throwing her purse at my head as I groaned in pain. “Just look at you,take a look at yourself,do you know……what you’re doing?” She asked,hands akimbo.

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Violet is my one and only sister, actually the best in the world and she’s damn strict.

“The only reason am not chopping your balls off is because you’re so good at the business, nothing more!” She stated bluntly as…..I fought the urge to laugh.

“What exactly did I do wrong huh? I just fired ten irresponsible maids whom I pay with my money what’s wrong?” I asked as she scoffed.

“Your money or dad’s money,look Miguel Sanchez, you better fill that gap in before the sun sets or else,am seizing all the tickets,keys and sluts” she said and walked away.

I know my sister,she doesn’t give plain threat’s,she carries them out. “Paisley, come over,I need you to do something” I said, rolling my swivel chair.
“Sir you sent for me” she said, walking seductively and….. hiking her skirt a little bit. I’ve had her once and it was terrible so….I ain’t going down there again.

Her moans and thrashing were too much……..so I abruptly stopped and left with a hard dick. “I need you to…….put an application for a maid,I just need one” I said as she furrowed her brows.

“Paisley,I think the reason affects only me not you” I said as she scurried away.

〰️ Morena’s POV〰️
I walked down the road……., heading to the address given to me by the Lady whose name I later learnt was Violet Sanchez.

Everything that has happened came flashing back to my memory lane……as my eyes caught something.

A job vacancy as a maid,a few people were already there waiting so I joined in. “Hi…..uhmm….. who’s the boss?” I asked as some ladies chuckled.

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“What! You really don’t know Miguel Sanchez,the youngest business tycoon?” They asked, giggling amongst themselves as I kept shut.

“You may come in” a lady dressed in white pant and Black top said, ushering me into a large office.

“What’s your name?” The interviewer asked, looking at me disdainfully. What’s her problem? Or has she seen me somewhere?

“Am Morena Dela Cruz” I replied looking around and taking in the serene environment. This is the first time am stepping my legs into an office and the feeling is superb.

Maybe after the interview I’ll….. take a look around. “Your age and qualifications?” She asked as my heart sank.

I thought this job doesn’t need qualifications but heck it does. “Uhmm……. eleventh grade, and am nineteen” I replied as she scoffed.

“Alright, you may go” she said as…..I stood up.but she didn’t ask for my contact,why?

I might not be educated but……am smart. “Miss,my contact” I said and placed miss Violet’s contact there before walking out.
〰️ Paisley’s POV 〰️
I blinked twice, staring at the number she placed on my table. This is madam Violet’s number,but how did she get it? Besides I must not let…….. Miguel see her,she’s beautiful and he won’t be able to resist her.

I need someone ugly and old. Just then, Miguel walked in with a smirk on his face as he sat on the table.

“Are you done?” He asked as I nodded “yes,but…..” He didn’t let me finish as he snatched the paper from my hands and scanned it.

“I want this girl, Morena Dela Cruz, she’ll be the new maid” with that,he blew me a kiss and walked out of the office.