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The Boss And The Maid. Chapter 14

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❣️❣️❣️THE BOSS❣️❣️❣️
❣️❣️❣️THE MAID❣️❣️❣️

By: Author Donna

❣️❣️❣️ Chapter 14❣️❣️❣️
〰️ Morena’s POV 〰️
I stared at the ring on my finger as a smile grew on my face. So now I have a boyfriend? I thought to myself while slipping into a floral dress.

I walked down the stairs to the kitchen and found Mrs Mona cooking. “Wow there are a lot of dishes here,are we having a party?” I asked as she sighed.

“No dear, the guys are coming over,it’s guys night……for Mr Miguel,Max and Alex.

My mood changed as she mentioned Alex. What will he think about my relationship with Miguel?

“Mr Alex,do you think he’ll….” I was asking when Miguel walked into the kitchen and winked at me.

“Nanny,I have a news for you” he said as Mrs Mona chuckled. “Oh I already know,I have eyes you proposed right?” She asked as he laughed.

“Oh…. you can read me so well” he said before looking around. “Where’s Brenda?” He asked as Mrs Mona looked around too.

“She was just here, maybe she…..” Brenda walked in…..with a new trash bag as Mrs Mona sighed.

“I had to dispose the trash,or did I do anything wrong?” She asked, looking at mine and Miguel’s entwined hand as a frown crept to her face.

“It’s good you’re here,I want to let you know that, Morena will no longer be a maid here,she’s now the mistress of the house, don’t worry I’ll be employing a maid to replace her” he said, and pulled me out of the kitchen.
〰️ Brenda’s POV 〰️
What!!! Did he just say that?? Mr Miguel has really been brainwashed,how can he stoop low to date an highschool girl?

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Gosh…… this cannot happen,I have to do something. The guys are coming tonight, that’ll be a good idea.

Am very sure Mr Alex won’t approve of the relationship,so there’ll surely be a quarrel.

Gosh am really jealous,he even gave her a ring? Well she stole him,am also gonna steal everything he gives her.
〰️ Violet’s POV 〰️
I woke up and found that I was naked. But how did I get here? I tried brainstorming as memories came running in.

Oh my gosh,I had lunch with Max……..then he offered to drive me home but instead he drove to his penthouse where,oh my gosh.

I pulled the duvet to cover my exposed chest as he walked in. “Oh sleeping beauty is awake” he said, smiling as I looked away.

“Hey, what’s wrong?” He asked, turning my face to look at him. “Am just tired Max,am tired of fighting it…….am tired of fighting what I feel for you…….” I said and Immediately,we locked in a deep kiss.

“I love you, and am gonna love you forever” he said, tickling me as I laughed.

“Stop it,am gonna pee” I shouted, still laughing as he chuckled.

“Come on,I have a guys night at Miguel’s,I don’t wanna be late” he said as I sighed.

Their habits never changes.
〰️ Miguel’s POV 〰️
“Hey man” Alex said, patting my back lightly as I smiled. “Am glad you made it, I’ve got news for you all” I said as he smiled a bit.

Just then, Morena walked down the stairs with her phone attached to her ear as she chuckled to whatever the caller was saying.

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“I thought she’s a maid,what’s she doing in your quarters?” Alex asked as his gaze bore holes into her, like he wanted to strangle her.
“She was, but not anymore, Morena come over here” I called as she walked up to me.

“I kissed her cheeks before turning to face Alex. “Meet Morena Dela Cruz my girlfriend” I said as something hit the floor.

We all turned and found Yola standing with tears rolling out of her eyes. “You can’t ditch me,not now,not anytime soon, and why her?” She asked, moving closer as I pulled Morena behind me.

“Yes Miguel,sheu’s no match for you,gosh she doesn’t even have an highschool certificate” he said as I punched him on his jaw.

“I thought you were my friend, you’re supposed to support me in this,istead you’re insulting the lady I chose to love,the lady who stole the heart right here” I yelled, hitting my chest as someone held me.

“It’s alright Miguel” Max said, pulling me back as I was surprised cause I didn’t notice when he got here.

“I support you,she doesn’t have anything right?” He asked, looking at Alex.

“But Miguel you can mold her into the woman you want her to be” he said as I smiled.