November 26, 2023

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V Couple. Chapter 2

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V. Couple. ????

Chapter 2

Jessie’s POV

“Now that we are done praying, what next? Seeing that it is our first night in marriage.” Oscar said.

“We agreed to remain virgin in our marriage, since we are done praying, we should go to sleep.” I replied.

“Sleep? Oh no! That would make it boring baby, we need to spice it up.” He said.

“Erm…so how do we spice it up?”

He stood and came to where I sat.

“I have always wondered what is here.” He said pointing to my chest.

“Oh!” I looked at it and touched my br–st.

“I think it’s just a skin.” I said.

“A skin? Why is it now bigger than the rest of the body, open it let me see.” He said.

“But…I don’t think you should see it ”

“Why? Does seeing it deflower you? Open it baby.”

I sighed and pulled off my top. I was left with my b—-ra

“Wow! This is huge! It’s my first time seeing it live.” He said and touched it.

He removed his hand like he was electrocuted. “This is beautiful.”

“Thank you.” I said and picked my cloth to wear back.

“Hey! Don’t wear your cloth yet.” He said and pulled off the br—a.

“What are you trying to do Oscar?” I asked.

“When I was young, I drink my mom’s br—-st, now that I’m old, I will drink yours.”

“But there is no milk there.” I said.

“Don’t bother about that, just let me drink this.” He said and placed his mouth on it.

I mo—-aned softly even as he played with the second ni—-ple.

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What is this Oscar up to????