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V Couple. Chapter 54 (Final Episode)

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Virgin Couple.

Written by Feathers

Final Episode.

Jessie’s POV

Three days later

I was brëastfeeding my son at the living room.Ever since Fred had left, I had been sad and broken.

I had already promised myself to take care of my baby no matter what.

I heard a knock on the door and I reluctantly stood, I was not expecting anyone.

I opened the door nevertheless and and I was stunned to see Oscar.

“Can I enter?” He asked.

I opened the door wide for him, I do not have the strength to ask any question plus he is the father of my son, he probably came to check up on him.

“Jessie!” He called and I walked to him.

“I wasn’t lying when I said my original intention was to make love with you and leave the marriage.”He said and I only looked at him weakly.

” I did not know how much I have grown used to you until I was lonely, I wasn’t a spiritual person from the the onset, I pretended to be one so I can have you. .Jessie! during the few days that I had been alone, I missed you so much. I’ve grown to love you.” He said.

The sadness in me started to melt.

While trying to express how happy Iwas, he opened his arms wide and I collapsed to his chest.

“Thank you for coming back.” I told him and he patted my back.

He went to where our baby was and kissed him on the forehead.

(This story is written solely by Oyebamiji Samuel Okiki- aka Feathers. WhatsApp me on 08118093125)

“I’m back?” Oscar announced happily as he threw his hands in the air.

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I smiled and said; “I love you Oscar?”

“I love you more.” He replied.

“Let me welcome you with this.” I said and turned to him.

I wiggled my @-ss to him and he approached me and slapped it.

He pressed his d—–!k on it as he grī-nded me from behī-nd.

I held his wrist and dragged him to the bëd roø-m.

I und-rëssêd myself and fell to the bed n@-ked.

“I’ve missed your d—!k.” I said and he chuckled.

“I was wondering how you ended up liking s—x even than me.” He said and I chuckled.

“I’ll do whatever will make you happy, form now henceforth. I realized that my decision not to make love during marriage is baseless and affects you. I’m sorry.” I said and he jumped on me.

“We are going on seven days marathon s—-x to make up for all the days you have refused us from making love.” Oscar said and we both laughed.

The End.