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V Couple. Chapter 52

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V Couple.

Written by Feathers

Chapter 52

Jessie’s POV

I was mø;;@;;–ning louder, I was enjoying every bit of his tou–ch.

His hand reached my p—-Y and he tic–kled it with his mïd–dlë fi–nger.

He pla-yed with the fle-sh on the v@—-gīn-a. He dipped his fī-nger in sløw-ly and kissed my lips briefly.

His mouth were slightly opened as if was mō::@:::-ning silëntly.

“You like this?” He asked.

“I love it.” I replied and he made me turn to the wall.

He pü–llëd my @s–s towards him and I felt his d—-!k entËr—ed me slowly.

He incr-eased the pa-ce gently and I w@s enj–oying every bit of it.

He w-as f—-!king me so h–ard but I did not want him to stop.

He he–ld me by my wrist and walked me to the bÊd.

He made me l—@—y on the bĒ-d, I was fac–ing him.

He rai–sed ny twœ le–gs and pla–ced his d—!k Øn my p—!y, he began to thrü–st in deeper.

My twō legs w–ëre up and pã–rted, he closed my l–ëgs to each other even though my le–gs were still up.

His d—!k was still ins–ide me, he kept f—!king me and I felt so good still.

“Thank you daddy.” I said and he increased the p@–ce as if he was encouraged.

Aft-er a w–hile, he pla–ced my lë–g do-wn gently and sepã-ra–;ted it on the bë–d.
He bëgan to f—-!k me in a miss;ion;nary style.

He pùll;ed out and pl;@yed with my brê—St.

He s;-ãt on the b;-ëd but I actually dø want more.

I sat upright and looked at him, He stretched his arms forward and I collapsed into his chest.

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He played with my hair and I loved it.

I was not sati–sfied so I pushed him gen-tly on the b-ēd.

He obliged without saying a word.

His d—!k were still str-Øng and strÃ-ight.

I sat on his d—-!k gently and I felt it dë–ëp in–side me.

I began to f—-!k him hard, He was enjo-ying it even as his ha-nd play-s with my b—–S-t.

I rested my arms on his chest and tw–ê-rked crazily on his d—-!k that I was now hearing him mø;—;an loudly.

He remø–ved his hand from my b—-St and pl@ced it on my @ss, he hel–ped me rai–se my @s–s to f—-!k hīs d—!k wēll.