February 3, 2023

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VC. Chapter 4

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V. Couple.

Chapter 4

Jessie’s POV

I was enjoying it too, but I’m really nervous that it might result to us making love.

“Let it touch your throat baby.” He said and I applied more force, I forced his d—k inside my throat and I almost cho-ked.

I removed my mouth and coughed, I had been chok-ed.

He bent and helped me, sorry love.

At Night!

We were both asleep, we had slept after I recovered from the ch–oking. I was surprised when I saw him place his left leg on mine.

Is he that asleep not to know that his leg is on mine?

I was now awaken, I turned to him and saw that he was fast asleep. His eyes were firmly closed.

About few minutes later, he turned to me. He had been facing the ceiling while sleeping all this while.

His hand dropped on my belly.

I looked at him again…well, maybe he’s just trying to feel me around him.

I didn’t want to remove his hand and legs from mine, it might wake him up and I wouldn’t like to disturb his sleep.

Few moments later, his hand trai–led down my waist.

I was becoming more stunned.

His hand finally landed on the part of my cl-oth that covered my p—sy.

He rubbed it softly and as I mo—-@ned, he snored like someone fast asleep.

Does he even know that he’s tur–ning me on. Does his subconscious mind realize that we have decided to keep ourselves flowered in this marriage.

His hand tr–ailed down and he pulled off the night gow–n I was wearing.

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I was actually not putting on p@–:-nt. I’m not the type that wears p@–:–nt to sleep.

His hand landed on my p–:-sy and I jerked in ple:asure. I turned my face to him and he was still fast asleep.

“Baby! Baby! Oscar!” I called but he wasn’t responding.

His hand paused what it was doing u–nder me. His eyes were still firmly closed.

“Baby, your hand is on my…” I couldn’t complete my statement cause I felt like he wasn’t even listening.

I sighed and tried to remove his hand but he returned it there like it was more convenient for him to put it there as he sleeps.

I sighed and hoped that his hand wouldn’t move beyond where it was.