March 29, 2023

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V Couple. Chapter 5

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V Couple

Written by Oyebamiji Samuel Feathers

Chapter 5

Following Morning!

Jessie’s POV

Oscar was still sleeping while I was already done dressing.

I woke him but he just kept tossing to and fro like someone in deep sleep.

“Do you want to get late to work?” I shouted and he finally opened his eye.

“Baby! ” He said and checked his watch. “Oh! It’s late already.” He said and stood.

“You should be fast with your dressing.” I said to him and he nodded.

He sauntered to the bathroom and after thirty minutes, he still hasn’t come back from the bathroom.

I was confused. It’s late already and I will definitely be chastised for coming late.

We work in the same place and they all know we are newly wedded. It won’t be fresh if we arrive at work at different time.

This is the reason why I was waiting for him but what could a normal person be doing at the bathroom for thirty minutes.

I decided to check and took steps to the bathroom

I was nervous on either opening it or not, won’t he get angry if I do.

“Hey! Baby!” I called as I knocked on the door to the bathroom but I got no response.

I knocked again but got no response.

I finally decided to open the door. I twisted the knob and opened it gently.

I walked in and saw him sitting on the sink of the water closet , he had slept off.

Worst of it all, his mouth were wide open.

How can someone sleep while defecating?

But he comes early to work when we were courting.

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“Hey! ” I tapped him as I covered my nose from the odor of his shit.

He opened his eye and looked around.

“How can you sleep when defecating?” I asked.

“Oh! …” He did not know what to say.

“Anyways, I’m off to work. ” I told him and walked out.

What sort of husband is this? Sleeping while defecating? Gosh!

As handsome as he is.

That was how he was trying to touch my p–y at night too despite the fact that we had agreed to remain flower in our marriage.

I wonder what time he would get to work.