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My V Husband. Chapter 38

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My V Husband.

Written by Feathers

Chapter 38

Ethan’s POV

I walked inside Jack’s bungalow sadly. I was beginning to miss Rose badly and I do not even have any way of getting her back.

I had informed Jack that I’ve got an urgent issue to discuss with him and he’d told me to come over.

I sat at his living room and allowed my head to fall to the head of the chair.

I was so sad.

“Ethan! ” Jack called as he approached me. We shook hands and he sat before me.

“What’s wrong?” Jack asked.

I stretched the letter to Jack and he collected it. He read what was inside and raised his head up to me.

“Rose had been kidnapped? He affirmed.

” Yes, the kidnapper didn’t leave any details that I can use to contact him.”

“Hmm… Did you suspect anyone?” He asked.

“No…no! I’ve didn’t have issues with anyone. You should know Rose too, she’s gentle and meek.”

“True!” Jack nodded and thought for a while before speaking up.

“Now that Rose Is back, how about her robot?” He asked.

“I instructed her to fire him and she did.” I answered.

He grinned and rested well on the chair. “I thought you said you did not have issues with anyone?”

I was mute not knowing what he fully meant.

“You already had issue with the robot, he might be angry cause you fire him.”

“Angry? Isn’t he a robot, he can be fired anytime, so?”

He smirked. “Common! I’d told you severally that he might be human. I haven’t been able to confirm myself but he seems to be the only suspect here.”

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“What do we do now?” I asked.

“We need to find out where he is.” Jack said.


“I know where he was bought, I’ll need to visit the company that sold him and ask about him, if we can get where he lives, we would be able to confirm if Rose is with him or not.”

“I just pray he wouldn’t have hurt Rose before we are able to save her.” I lamented.

“Ra–ping her would have been the most painful thing to her and to you but that’s impossible cause we have made his d–k useless. ” Jack encouraged.