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The Accidental Bride. Chapter 8

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The Acciental Bride.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 8

Elizabeth’s POV

He grinned at my words as he looked away.

He la-y on the bed and backed me. I stood and went to his door.

I had already promised myself that I will forcefully break the door open if his door is locked but I realized it wasn’t locked.

Why did he leave it open?

I turned to him and saw that his eyes were closed even as he pretends to sleep.

I walked out and studied the structure of the house. It was very large and to get to the exit might be somehow difficult.

I started walking round the house hoping to find an exit.

After few hours of searching, I did find it.

I twisted the knob and it wasn’t locked.

What? Did he actually left it open intentionally or he made a mistake?

I walked out and the sun shone on me. I yawned and thanked goodness for my release.

Finally, I’m free.

I turned to Mr. Ashley Romeo’s house, I really admired how beautiful the house is especially the yoghurts that are always present in the house.

But I can not let someone keep me under his arms like I’m some two years old kid.

I took a cab to my house. I alighted from the cab as soon as I get to the house.

My younger brother was playing outside, he ran to me and hugged me as he saw me.

I was glad on seeing him too. They probably thought I was kidnapped.

“Is mom inside? ” I asked.

“Yea.” His reply was soft.

He left what he was doing and followed me inside.

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“Baby!” My mother is found of calling me that.

We hugged.

We disengaged and sat.

“I miss you, Elizabeth.” She said.

“Same here mom, it was…”

She interrupted. “I know, you were with Mr. Ashley Romeo.”

I was stunned at her words. “How did you know mom?” I asked and she simply chuckled.

“He came here to tell us you are now with him and that he’s considering marrying you. He also said we should convince you into marrying him so he can buy us a new house , buy your father a car he can use for his transport business and pay off all our debts. Isn’t that what we have been praying for, Elizabeth?” She asked and I was just dumbfounded.

How did this man get to find out where I live?

“But mom…he’s rich and handsome but he’s not my type!” I said and my mom laughed.

“You didn’t have a choice Elizabeth, even if he’s as ugly as monkey, you have to marry him.” She said and my dad walked in at that moment.