February 3, 2023

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V Couple. Chapter 7

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V. Couple.

Written by Feathers.

Chapter 7

Jessie’s POV

“What is that on your trou-ser?” I asked in shock as I covered my mouth with my palm.

He looked at it and giggled.

“Nothing serious, it’s just…let me just show you so you would not think…” He kept saying nonsense as he pul-led off his tro-user.

He wasn’t pu-tting on a bo-xer so I could see his d–k dangling betw—een his laps.

“Holy Mary!” I exclaimed as I covered my eyes.

“Why did you have to p-ull it off, wear it back please.” I implored.

“I just want to show you that it is nothing serious, okay…touch it and confirm yourself.” He said and as he moves close to me, his d–k seems to be gaining more strength as it becomes harder and stronger.

“No no!” I can not touch it. I’m scared of what it might lead to.

“Common! It’s not going to lead to anything, trust me.” He assured and I removed my hands from my face and stared intently at it the more.

I was nervous and my heart was beating slowly.

“You mean I can touch it!” I asked.

“Sure , it doesn’t make us deflowered.” He said and I grabbed it.

“Str-oke it baby.” He commanded and I obliged.

He mo–@ne—d as I did what he wanted.

“Can you put your mouth around it again?” He asked.

“No, I got cho-ked the last time.” I replied.

“Okay ,kneel down.” He said and I knelt.

He di–pped his d–k between my br–st and began to rub it.

“Do you like it?” He asked.

“Yes.” I replied nervously hoping we won’t end of making love with this acts.

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“I need to get dressed Oscar.” I said and stood.

I turned to the wardrobe as I backed him, I bent to wear my p@–nt only for me to feel something around my p–sy