March 22, 2023

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Accidental Bride. Chapter 10

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The Accidental Bride.

Chapter 10

Elizabeth’s POV

I woke up the following morning and found out that the only thing remaining in my room is the bed I’m sleeping on and the pillow.

Every other thing seems to have disappeared.

What In the world could be going on? I went to the bathroom and rubbed my eyes with water.

I sauntered to the living room and I saw my dad leaning by the door that leads outside.

“Good morning sir.” I greeted.

“Are you surprised that none of your luggage are inside?” He ignored my greetings and asked.

“Yes…” My reply came slowly.

“Well, it’s outside here. We simply helped you pack it out, Mr Ashley Romoe’s men are here to pick you up.” He said.

“Pick who up?” I asked sarcastically as I walked outside.

I saw a lamborgini parked and four men dressed in black suit with black spec standing by the car.

“Welcome miss, you won’t be needing your luggage , you can get it burnt. Mr Ashley Romeo will surely get you new ones.” The one with much beards spoke.

“I’m not following you anywhere.” I declared.

“What did I just hear you say, Elizabeth?” My father asked and approached me like he would beat me up.

“Dad, are you seriously selling me off?” I asked.

“No, I’m only marrying you off.” He replied and I sighed.

” This isn’t fair dad, if you want me to stop living in your house, fine. But I’m not following them.” I insisted.

“It’s a one time chance of escaping poverty Elizabeth.” A short haired man spoke. He was one of the men of Ashley Romeo.

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“Wait! I don’t get what’s going on, I only acted as a bride of Mr. Ashley Romeo, why are you guys now making it real, I only helped.” I let out.

“Which is why he’s paying you back.” One of them replied.

“By marrying me? No! Marriage is my choice to make” I said and started packing my luggage.

I need to get a cab that will take me somewhere far.

I started dragging my luggage away from their midst and stood by the street, looking for a cab that can transport me.

“Elizabeth, think about the fortune your decision will bring to your family.” One of Mr Ashley Romeo’s men approached me and said but I only turned deaf ears.

I finally got a cab, right before him, I packed all my luggage inside and ordered the cab driver to drive me away.

I’m not going back to Mr Ashley Romeo.