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Clumsy Maid. Episode 2

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I kept bouncing on the bed.
The bed is very soft I just feel like living here just in this room all alone.
I climbed down from the bed and undress.
I peeped around and saw his bathroom.
The bathtub was already feeled with water. Hot water.
Argh! Feels great.
I jumped in and the water splashed everywhere

“Oops!” I exclaimed.

(Minutes later)
I had already finish bathing.
I changed into a pajamas.
I looked around in the room and saw a flip flop.
I wore it and went in search for the kitchen.
I’m so hungry!

“Where could they be?” I asked myself.
The house was cool.
Finally, I saw the kitchen.
I heard some inaudible talks outside.
I peeped from the kitchen window and saw them.
They were even in the pool.
Lucky them.
I prepared some and served ’em.

“Dinner is ready” I said.
They looked at me.
“Seriously? Do you think that we are gonna eat that?” Anderson asked.
“We’re gonna have our meals at the nearby fast food and for records sake, we don’t eat junks” Peter added.

I sighed.
I went to the dining and took their food.
I brought it to the pool and sat on the floor.

“Go to dining girl. Don’t be so dirty” Anderson said.
I didnt care to listen to him.

I ate and ate.
I ate the food in a way they’d want to eat.
“Hm. This is great! Yummy!” I said as I devoured the meat.
I used the spoon and scrapped the plates.
“Aah! Some people are gonna die of hunger” I said and took the plates.
They think they’re smart huh.
I went to the sitting to search for the Key’s.
“Where could they be?” I asked myself and threw the pillows.

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Argh! Found ’em!
I used the key and locked all the doors.
I took all the spare keys and the car keys and hid them in the kitchen.
I went back to the pool and joined them.
“Some people are gonna die of hunger” I said and yawned.

I sat down on the floor and kept my legs in the pool.
They didn’t talk.
This house is boring!

(Few minutes later)
We were already feeling sleepy cuz it’s getting dark.
“The room on the left is yours… I hope you didn’t touch my stuff’s” Peter said and Anderson who was already in the house.
“Alright’ I said and still sat down.
Plan b.

I went to the kitchen and soaked some detergent.
I turned it until it formed lather.
I used the water and sprinkle in the kitchen.
I sprinkled it until I was sure that the floor was really slippery.
I made it more slipperier where the pot of food was.
I sighed, and walked out of the kitchen.
I turned off the light from the outside and closed the door.
I went to my room and saw my bag.
I brought out my clothes and hung ’em in the wardrobe.
“Have you seen our keys?” Anderson came in and asked me.
“Nope!” I answered quickly.
He stared at me for awhile and left.
I smiled.
I’ll teach them a very good lesson!
(Few minutes later).
I heard some noise in the kitchen.
I quickly stood up from my bed. You can hi ishmeal on+233544142683 to be added to his story room to enjoy more stories from the group.
The trap caught them.
I tiptoed to the kitchen.
I switched the lights on and saw Peter and Anderson on the ground rubbing their butt.
They quickly stood up when they saw me.
“I guess some people are hungry” I said with a smile.
“We weren’t eating your food” Anderson said.
“Yes. We were just.. you Know” Peter added.

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“Of course!” I exclaimed.
“You weren’t eating… At least the plaster of food on your cheeks were just nothing” I said and they touched their cheek.
They rubbed it off.
They stumped their foot on the floor and tried to walk faster.

They fell down the second time due to the water I sprinkled earlier.
I laughed at them as they stood up and went to their room.

“She’s a great cook bro” Peter said as we left the kitchen.

“We shouldn’t have rejected the food” I said.

“Yeah. We shouldn’t have done that” Peter said.

“And she knew we would come for the food, that’s why she set the trap for us” Peter added.

“Yeah. We’d teach her a lesson too” I said.

“How?” Peter asked.
I whispered the plan to his ear.

He smiled:
“That’s great  bro” he said and I smiled.

“Good night bro” I said

“Good night” he replied and we went to our different rooms.