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Clumsy Maid. Episode 11

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I don’t even know what to do.
It seems Amanda is mad at me but she didn’t say anything before she ran away.
I stood up and followed her when I saw Anderson.

“Hey Brady. Did Amanda go this way?” He asked pointing at the restroom direction.

“Yes. I am…” He didn’t even let me finish before he started running to the direction
I quickly followed behind him until we saw a girl struggling with a huge guy
I quickly pushed Anderson aside a picked a big wood and hit it on the guys head and he collapsed
i recognise him it was that guy we had fought with on our way to the market

I quickly ran to Amanda and held her up ,her clothes were badly torn revealing some part of the body.

I quickly removed them for her, pulled my T-shirt and wore it for her
Her body was bruised badly and tears kept falling from her eyes.

“Call the cops” I said to Anderson

“Amanda” i called but no reply instead she fainted.
I quickly carried her to the car with the help of Peter and Ty and rushed to the hospital, she was admitted immediately

“She will be fine” Ty said and patted my back

Anderson came in immediately with Katherine.

“How is she?” He asked immediately

“She’s still inside the doctors are attending to her” i replied

“I just can’t believe you allowed this happen to her, just one day that she with you, you couldn’t protect her” Anderson said dragging my collar

“Stop it Andy!” Peter yelled and Katerine took Anderson to sit down

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I couldn’t even utter a word all my minds and prayers were on nana and i regret even telling her anything.

“Doctor how is she?” I said as i rushed to the doctor who just came out of Amanda’s ward.

“She’s fine and will be awake in the next few hours” he said.
I exhaled.

“See me in my office” he added and i walked behind him.
We entered the office and sat down.

“Sign these papers, she will be discharged when she wakes up, but she will need at lot of care and less stress” The Doctor said.

“Thanks doc” I said and left his office.
?Amanda ?

I opened my eyes and saw an unfamiliar room painted white with blue curtains.
I looked arround and i was in the hospital, but how did I get here?
I tried to sit up when i felt a sharp pain in my head and my body ached so bad and all the event that happened came back.
Ah! Brady is a billionaire.
I’m very happy and sad.
I don’t really know how to feel. At least my mum will be able to pay all the things i have broken and move to a better house
The door opened and they all rushed in.

Brandon ran to me and kissed me passionately which i returned.

“Shuu, we are still here” Peter said and we broke the kiss and laughed.

“Are you okay?” Ty asked.

“Am fine just little headache and body pain” i replied.

“Well the doctor pescribed some drugs for us,he said you need all the care you can get and less stress”
“That means we are free to leave right?” Anderson asked.

“Yes!” Brandon replied.

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Brandon carried me in a bridal style out of the hospital and kept emphasizing on”care and less stress”
Soon arrived home and went to our separate rooms.
Tyler and Kath are sleeping over too but they will be with their boo.

Brandon placed me on the bed.

“So this is what it feels like being the love of a billionaire?” I asked.

“Not yet honey. I haven’t showed you anything yet” Brandon replied and took my already swollen lips.

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