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Clumsy Maid. Episode 5

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Brandon stared at me for a second and took the bucket and left the kitchen.
I laughed and brought down the food from the gas.
I’ll wake up to prepare the meals and still suffer to wake Anderson and Peter up.
Seriously, I’m frying them, I don’t care if they’re in their house, they should wake up.
I broke a broomstick and went to Anderson’s room.
I used the broomstick and wiggled it in his eyes.
He kept smiling, turning his head as I was giving him pleasure.
I stopped and went closer his ear
“Wake up!!!” I screamed and he jerked up suddenly breathing heavily.
“You almost gave me a heart attack!” He yelled.
“I’m just starting!” I said and ran out of his room.
And now for Peter.

I tiptoed and saw him sleeping.
He should his pillow to cover his ear.
I nod my head.
I looked around and saw a glass cup on his table.
I took it and went to his bathroom.
I fetched water from the wash hand basin.
I went to his bed and tapped him.
He turned sluggishly.
I stood up and splashed the cup of water on his face.
He jerked up just like his brother.
“No no no. Not you again. Am I spending a day with?” He asked gasping from the water I splashed on him.

“You’ve not seen anything. If you like… Don’t wake up early next time” I said I left his room.
He groaned and fell back to his bed.
I went to the dining room waiting for them.
I’ll still have to tell them?
I even forgot I brought my good luck bell.
I went to my room and took my bell.
I use the bell to hit bad guys.
I took it and went to the sitting room.
I rang the bell so loud.
“Stop!” Anderson yelled as they ran in.
Brandon followed them.
“Good. Now, to the dining” I said and they followed me to the dining.
We ate the food and I cleared the table.
I packed the plates into the sink and poured some detergent.
I came back to the sitting room and saw them watching the television.

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I took the car keys and went to the garage.
I turned the car on and the car moved by itself.
I don’t even know how to drive

“Anderson help me!!!” I shouted.

I held the gear a brought it to N.
The car stopped.
I gasped.
Thank God.
I would have died and left my trouble making.
What next.
Let me go and check Anderson’s room.
I went back to the sitting room and saw them playing PES on the television.
I went to the switch and turned the television off.
“I almost won Amanda!” Peter exclaimed.

“Oops! Not my business. I’m bored. Let’s play a game.” I said.

“You have any in mind?” Brandon asked.

“Nope! Any suggestions?” I asked.
“Alright. Let’s play: ‘Talk Your Own’ aka TYO” Anderson suggested.

I looked at him.
That’s the first time he has ever supported me.

“Alright. Brandon you start” i said.

“Well, I’ve always wanted true love but in one way or the other, I’ve also been scammed.. love is a bitch!” He said.

I looked at Anderson and Peter and they shook their head in a ‘this ain’t gonna end well look’

“Alright, let’s skip that part… Any suggestions?”

“Let’s play true or dare” I suggested.

“Gimme a sec” I said and ran to my room.
I took a book and pen from my luggage.
I wrote the dares and ran back the sitting.

I wrapped the paper and placed them on the television.
“We’re gonna choose. The paper you pick Is your truth or dare” I said and everyone started to pick.

Brandon picked.
“Who do you wanna kiss?” He read out.

“Answer!” I said.

“Well, I wanna kiss Amanda” he said and we laughed.

Peter picked.
“Twerk for the house” Peter read out and we started laughing.

I went to the audio play and played Motor-Sport by Migos, Lil Wayne and Beyonce.

The beat and Peter started twerking.
We were just laughing at him.
Soon we joined him until the song finished.

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Anderson picked.
“Food fight!” He exclaimed and took the apple on the table and threw at me.
I picked the pop corn and poured at him.
We started fighting food with food.
Today was really fun.
It was already Dawn.
Everyone was sleepy and tired.
We left the sitting room in a mess.
I went to my bed and bounced on it.
I was so tired.
I looked at Brandon’s spot but he wasn’t there.
I felt pressed and decided to use the bathroom.
I opened the door sluggishly.
“Aaah!” I said and closed my eyes with my hands.

“What?! Amanda! You couldn’t knock!” Brandon yelled from the bathroom.

“Did you barge in to see something you weren’t supposed to see?” He added.

“What?! No way. I didn’t know you were in the bathroom”
He walked out of the bathroom and I entered.
Im so embarrassed right now.
He should be embarrassed.
What I saw was so god-damned huge!
Damnit! What am I thinking?!
I took a quick bath and went back to bed.

Brandon had already slept off.
Feels goood.
I changed to my pajamas and slept off like a baby.
(Morning )

I woke up and yawned.
I looked around and I didn’t see Brandon.
I went to the sitting room and saw him cleaning the sitting room.
Suprisely, Peter and Anderson were already helping him.
Yesterday must have thought them a lesson — a very big one.
I went to the kitchen and prepared breakfast.
The boys where already done cleaning.
I served the food and we ate.
“So… We’re going to the market today. OK?”

“You said: ‘we’: I hope you’re not planning on taking Brandon along” Anderson asked.

“What!? No way! I’m not taking him along”

Brandon sighed: “that’s better” he said.

“Guess what?” I asked.

“What?” They replied chorusly.

“I’m taking you’ll along.” I replied.
“You’ve got to be kidding me” Anderson snapped.
I ran to my room and took my bell.
I came back and pointed it at him.

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“Are you coming or not?” I asked and raised the bell.
“Alright. I will..” he said and Brandon morphed a smile.
He looked cute like some sort of a millionaire.
“Alright. Go get prepared.” I said and everyone dismissed.
I cleared the table and went to bring the basket you’re using.
I came out to the sitting room and saw them out.
They looked just too cute!
Awwn. I’m already blushing.
“Can we go now?” Brandon asked snapping me out of my thought.

“Yeah. Sure. And we’re trekking” I Said.

“No way!” Anderson retorted.

“Huh?” I said and brought out my bell from my bag.

“Sure thing. We’re trekking” he said and I nod my head.
I kept the bell in the bag and off we went.

I wanted to go the market quite early.
So I used a short cut.
“This place stinks!” Anderson complained.

“And it looks creepy and dangerous” Peter added.

“Yeah. It stinks and it’s dangerous. But I’ve got you guys with me” I said and raised my brow.
Brandon shook his head.

“Hey!” I heard a voice call us from the back.
I turned and saw the black dude

I once gave him a ‘bell-beating’.
But he wasn’t alone today.

“Look who’s here. The ‘bell-girl’” he said.

“What do you want?” I asked.

“I want you” he said.

“Well, you’ve got to walk through us first” Brandon said stepping in between.
The guy punched Brandon but he dodged it and caught his arm and threw him off.
I took my bell and rushed to him.
I knelt beside and kept hitting him with the bell.
Brandon, Anderson and Peter were busy hitting the other guys.
More boys rushed out from nowhere and charged at us.
“Run!” I yelled.
I picked my basket and my bell and ran.
The boys followed me and we ran back home.
We ran into the house and locked the door.
The bad guys had already gone back.
He were laughing and gasping at the same time.