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My V Husband. Chapter 45

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My V Husband.

Chapter 45

(At Ethan’s Company)

Rose’s POV

“Oh!” I looked at the girl, stunned at her words, I began to praise my instinct for making me follow up what Ethan had told me about the sedu-ctive lady.

So a lady as sed;uctive as that is the one after my husband.

“Okay…Is there a way I can get her contact or house address?” I asked the her.

“We are not allowed to disclose personal information of workers here.” She replied.

“Is there no way around it?”

“I can speak to my friend, he has access to the data base but you have to do the needful.” She said and winked.

“How much this time?” I asked.

“I’ll manage $5,000” She replied and happily showed her brown thirty two.

I gave her the money in cash and she stood, she went to meet a guy somewhere in that building and came back few minutes later with a sheet.

She stretched the sheet to me and on collecting it, I could see Mae Josephine written alongside her details.

“You did well.” I said to the lady and walked back to my car.

I should visit Sonia and talk to her about this, she might be of help to me.


I arrived at Sonia’s house and I was stunned to see a car drove away. I walked inside her house nevertheless and we greeted.

“Who is that guy that just drove off?”I questioned.

” You know him?” She asked.

“I didn’t even see his face, I was just surprised that you have a visitor, you are not found of that.” I said.

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“True but…It’s a secrete I’ve been planning to tell you, I haven’t informed you yet cause I wanted him to love me back.” Sonia said.

“I don’t understand what you are talking about, you mean your boyfriend doesn’t love you?” I questioned surprisingly.

“He doesn’t and it hurts, but I love him and unfortunately, I can’t help it.” She uttered sadly.

I felt for her, it hurts indeed when you love someone and the love is not retorted.

“Hum!” I hummed and sat well.

“There was this thing he said that baffeled me before he left.” Sonia said after a brief moment of sad silence.

“Okay…and what’s that?” I questioned.

“He said he’s in love with another lady…actually he wasn’t in love with anyone all this while, he just never love me and he was being sincere with me about that” Sonia said. “He said the person he loves at the monent bears Rose.”