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My V Husband. Chapter 46

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My V Husband.

Chapter 46

(At Sonia’s House)

Rose’s POV

“Obviously not my own Rose or what were you thinking?” I quickly asked.

“I was thinking it might be you sincerely.” She answered.

“What sort of a weird thought is that, you know I have my own husband and I don’t cheat.” I said feeling pissed at her for thinking such about me.

“There are many ladies who bears Rose, why would you think it’s me, I’ve never gone to parties after marriage neither do I go out often…spare me please.” I was so dissastfied with her thoughts.

“I was just been sincere with what I thought, I’m sorry if that hurts. ” She said.

“It does.” I confessed and she apologized.

We were quiet for a while, she stood and came to sit by my side.

“Common Rose, I’ve apologized. ” She pleaded once more.

“I actually came here for a purpose.” I let out and she sat arms length away from me.

She was keen and ready to hear what I have to say.

“There is this lady that had been sedu-cing my husband at his place of work, Ethan is complaining to me about her that she would not stop until she ensures she sleeps with him.” I exaggerated but plainly, that was what I thought of the lady’s persistence seducting act.

“Oh? what’s her name?” Sonia asked?

I dipped my hand inside my bag and brought out the sheet that the lady I met at Ethan’s company gave me.

Sonia collected the sheet and read it, she returned it back to me.

“What do you need her details for?” She asked.

“To trace her and probably warn her but you know I can’t do that alone, I want us to do it together.” I said.

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“Ouch! I really wish I can follow you to her place but it doesn’t make sense cause we did not have prove, she can get us arrested. We have no proof that she is seducing Ethan, it will be foolish for us to just go to her house.”

“Are you saying Ethan is lying?”

“Of course not, I’m just saying our acts might be ridiculous. I know you are trying to protect Ethan but you still need to be calm. There should be other ways around this.” Sonia said and thought as she looked away.

“Why don’t you call her, since her mobile number is there and threaten her to stay away from your husband?” She suggested.